January 24, 2011

My Luck Has Turned Around!

You might have noticed I've been in a bit of a funk lately.  I twittered this on Friday night...

...Blogger gremlins are wreaking havoc on my blogroll feed...
Anybody got a flashlight?

...and the aforementioned "drywall incident" of Saturday night.

But I received good news in the form of an email on Sunday.  News so exciting I just need to share with all of you. I mean, he said keep it confidential, but I just can't help it!

From: Mr.Abdoul Rahaman
To: Troutrageous!

I am indeed glad to be in contact with you even though this medium of communication (internet)has been grossly abused by some people making it difficult for other once with genuine struggle to correspond and exchange views without skepticism.

I am Mr. Abdoul Rahaman Currently the Audit and Account Unit Manager in Eco Bank Burkina-Faso (Ouagadougou) West Africa, my aim of contacting you is to collaborate with me to transfer the sum of ($17.4 Million Dollars)Seventeen Million Four hundred thousand Dollars into your personal or Company bank account in your country of origin for investment purpose.

I am going to invest this money in your country through your assistance and help, whereby you will be my Investment deputy/assistant director. Please if you are interested and ready to receive the money into your bank account i will send you the details of the fund and when replying i want you to tell me the type of investment that will be encourage for both of us to invest so that we can talk about the conditions.

Please endeavor to include your full names and address, private phone and fax number for easy communication. Finally keep our dealings very private and confidential as i wait your
urgent response.

1) Your full names............
2) Your age................
3) Your full address.........
4) Your marital status.........
5) Your occupation/Profession.......
6) Your direct telephone number........
7) Your fax number................
8) Your country of origin ...........
9) Your present location/country.......
10) Your religion.....................

Yours sincerely
Mr. Abdoul Rahaman

This investment opportunity is so awesome - I can't wait to email Mr. Rahaman back and get started! Man, think of all the fishing gear I'll be able to buy, and not have to worry about paying for Lilly's college education. K.C.'s gonna be so proud of me...


  1. Lucky you. I also managed to win the UK lottery the other day. All I need to do is pay $10 000 to be able to get go and collect it. I am in the process of selling all my old FF gear to raise the funds. Not too worried about it as I will be able to buy all those expensive rods when I collect my winnings. I am still looking for the ticket that I apparently bought though. It must be around here somewhere....

  2. Sweet deal! Don't forget about us other scrubs ok? I'm not asking for anything more than to clean your pool at a salary of $250k/yr.

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha.

    Hey wait a minute. I got that same letter and he didn't say anything about splitting all that money with anyone. Hang on a second here...


    You got me. I wasnt' expecting that. ;)

  4. Uh Mike, Im getting a little worried about you... You might want to go grab a screwdriver and tighten up some things.

    Kidding- I hope to hell you know better

  5. At least you are still able to find humor in spite of a bad week thanks to Mr. Rahaman. I can't believe these email scams are still around!


  6. Jeez, why do you get all the breaks?

  7. Hey, I got that one too. That 17.4 keeps getting smaller the more of us he send it to. Can't trust anyone anymore. Especially those from Africa, oh yeh, and Nigeria.


  8. I think you should also provide your social security number. Mr. Rahaman seemed to forget that he probably needs that too. Congrats.

  9. I'll send you $13 for your Visa number? How's that? Yeah, I know....what a pal. ;)

  10. Life was simpler when electronic spam came in the form of useful content.... like porn.

  11. Do me a favor Mike and send him my info as well.."I'm in"

  12. Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll remember all of your goodwill once I receive that bank wire he said he'll be sending this Friday.

    @Ivan - Took care of the SSN. Sent him my birth certificate as well for good measure.

  13. "Life was simpler when electronic spam came in the form of useful content.... like porn."
    -Gary Thompson

    This comment made my day! I'm still laughing!

    Congrats on the investment! I'm going to be honest...I wish I were you right now.