It's Friday!

With the first work week of 2011 coming to an end...I'm mailing it in.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Don't worry, Cube knows how to hold a mean prop fishing rod too...what's he kayak fishing for with that oversized rod & reel anyway?  Probably some booty.  Gotta keep this "fishing" blog on point yo.


  1. HAPPY FRIDAY to the most messed up fisherdude I know. :) LOL (besides me.)

    Ice Ice baby. Oh wait. Nevermind.

  2. dude that background looks fake as a the bling in the grill yo!
    comon, two more pattles and the life vest should loosen up enough for the cube to breath.
    that foo aint fishin, he be showing his purdy smile fo da beaches

  3. Just put some rims and dumbbells at the foot of my bed... BALLER!

  4. Just out of shot: he's skating on twenty-fours.


  5. Huh...I've never held a rod that way!!! On a kayak, it would be especially tough...

  6. Mike - you forgot to mention our Ice Cube CONNECTION! Remember when we went to the NBA All Star game in DC and he was in line behind us registering at the hotel!

  7. I don't even know what to say to all of those great comments.

  8. You can say...

    " Can't touch this!" da-da-da-da, DA DA, DA DA " Can't touch this!" Da-da-da-...

    that was Ice water right?


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