January 18, 2011

I Got Nothing

Okay, okay, I know...I waited for the last minute to write this...but what kind of blogbuddy would I be to good ol' Owl, if I didn't support him by trying my hand at his FFSBR / Hook & Hackle fly rod giveaway?  A pretty crappy buddy, that's what I'd be.

The exact question/statement/incomplete sentence posed was "Why I deserve to win a Hook & Hackle Rod Building Kit".  After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that I really don't deserve to win it.

See, I'm one of the fortunate (and I can't stress fortunate enough in these times) that has a steady job that supports my family nicely.  I'm also in no shortage of fly rods - I already have 4 fly rods & 2 tenkara rods.  So if I won this rod, although I might build it - never done that before - I probably wouldn't have a use for it.

I know, I know..."but you could give it to Lilly,"...yeah...but I'm leaving Lilly's leap into fly fishing up to her.  She's still of the age where she loves the color pink, princesses, and thinks her Barbie spincast rod is the coolest thing ever.  Why even attempt to take that away from her early?  She's gonna want a cell phone and to be dropped off at the mall with her friends soon enough.

I mean okay, I'm generally a good person...but what exactly did I do that's so redeeming to have such a oozingly sweet rod building kit put into my grubby hands?  I certainly can't come up with anything.

So please FFSBR and Hook & Hackle...don't give this rod building kit to me.  I'd only put it up for auction on eBay anyway, promising 100% of the proceeds to Casting For Recovery.

Because if you read this blog regularly, you already know I'm all about the ladies.


  1. good post!! Thats a great foundation as well. I've enjoyed your work keep it up!!

  2. Thanks man! I kinda really dig your "entry!" :)

  3. Nice post Mike, I wouldn't expect anything different from you.