January 9, 2011

A Few Bucks Worth of Goodness

Just wanted to pass along a fishing widget that may not be a "must have," but makes dealing with tippet a lot more convenient when you're on the water.  I received two of these Loon Outdoors Shark Tooth tippet cutters for Christmas, and they are sweet.

You're probably saying, "I've seen that before, what a waste of money."  I previously thought the same thing too, but I'm a convert.
Loon Outdoors Shark Tooth

Basically, it's just a blade incorporated into the little elastic band that keeps your tippet on the spool.  When you need to dispense line, just pull it through the metal grommet and across the blade.  It's really that simple.  No need for nippers or snips to cut line.  I know none of my readers *gasp* use their teeth.

It isn't just for fly fishers either, KVD evidently endorses larger one for filler spools of fishing line.

I would have made my own video, but this isn't rocket-science.  The manufacturer's video works just fine to show how this thing works.

Like I said, not a "must have" for everyone, but I'm a big fan.  Just passing along goodness when I find it.

The Loon Outdoors Shark Tooth tippet cutter featured in this product review was given to me as a Christmas gift from my wonderful and thoughtful wife who paid $5 for it at Cabela's.  At the time of writing, I currently hold no association with Loon Outdoors or Cabela's whatsoever.  As with all independent gear reviews at Troutrageous!, I try my best to keep my opinions honest and unbiased.


  1. OMG I'm a gear junkie and I need that now. Also, I always use my teeth.

  2. Alright, I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here for a minute. I've already got to have the snips( I use cheap $2 fingernail clippers, btw) to cut the tag end off the fly...so....

    Anyway, what I really came here to say was "CONGRATS!" on being the first officially hired employee of OBN. ( I'd sure see about getting a raise pretty soon, though...) That was really nice of you to offer to help them out in that way, Mike. I always knew what CoFisher said about you wasn't true. ;)

    Now, I'm off to click around the net and see where I can get the best deal on some of those tippet spool holder/cutter things. ;)

  3. I wonder how it would hold up to heavy mono ( over 30 lb ) or braided line?

  4. Troutrageous!- until i seen the video I thought It went around your neck,, it accually looks like a cool tool, I question my leader getting hung up in there and getting cut. I keep a rubber cap on my nippers for the same reasons.

  5. would also love to know if the rubberband is any good after a month or so.

  6. and can it get that stinky stench out of my 8 year old waders? I mean, since we're asking...

  7. Great Product ! I have been using these since early spring 2010. They probably have over 50 river days and they still look and work like brand new. Had the same hesitations at first until the guides at my fly shop said take some and try them you won't be sorry. I take a marker and label the white plastic with the tippet size. Makes life on the river one step easier! ~ Jim

  8. I had just purchased some "Spool Hands" when I first saw these. Might pick up a few at the fly show next month. The "Spool Hands" don't work as well as I'd like, but better than an old rubber band.


  9. Hey, hey Owl, I was only repeating what you told me.

    I'm a gear junkie also,but if they work I'm all for anything that makes those little tedious chores easier.

    Where do we dig up all this $8it?


  10. @DTT - I'm sure your dentist is proud.

    @Owl - Don't knock it till you try it. Or just create a whole blog about it before you try it (like tenkara) :) If you can't tell, I work cheap.

    @JM - I don't know, I'm using mine on 5x & 6x tippet spools. I'm sure it wouldn't last forever...but for $5 does it need to?

    @Big - See Jim's comments

    @Owl (again) - it's tippet cutters, not a nuclear warhead.

    @Jim - Thanks for the testimonial.

    @Shoreman - Never heard of spool hands...or if I did I don't recall them...will need to look them up.

    @Cofisher - The gear guys just know we're suckers. I mean $800 for a fly rod...

  11. AH HA! A nuclear warhead to clean my stinky waders. Perfect. I suppose asking where to buy one of those is probably a no-no. ;)lol

    Cofisher, you a nut, hommie. a n-u-t. ;)