January 23, 2011

Crap Flies

I had a little bit of a meltdown during a home improvement project last night (more than a few f-bombs were directed towards the antagonistic drywall) so when I decided it was time to stop for sanity's sake, I retreated to the basement and my vise.

Unfortunately, the drywall must have gotten the best of me because I tied up some of the sloppiest flies I've made in a while.  Anyway, here they are.  I'm sure they'll still catch fish.  Fish are stupid.

A mini bugger.  Got real lazy on this one, it's already starting to untie itself...  Loaded this up nice and heavy with a lead core and tungsten bead though, so it should sink like a rock.

Yeah, it's not so hot.

Some sort of pink reverse hackle beadhead thing.  Lilly & K.C. got me a ton of hot pink tying materials for X-Mas.  Lilly likes pink...a lot.  Figured I got to start using them sometime. Although they did get me pink beads, went with a red one instead to go with the red wire).

If Barbie tied flies

That's it.  I know, a very "entertaining" post today.  Now let's see how long it takes for the Blogger gremlins to get this one uploaded into everyone's blogrolls.  On the last two posts they've been averaging a blazing 6.5 hours.

Maybe Larry doesn't like me as much as Eric did...I mean these delays started right after the announcement after all...


  1. yeah, drywall, ugh. Got plenty of practice Sat by installing, finding my framing out of plumb, removing, re-plumbing wall, reinstalling drywall. Sorry to say, the kids picked up some rather colorful language to their growing home-improvement lexicon. mike

  2. Your post says 4am, my feed reader says "14 minutes ago," which was around 8:40am. Four and a half hours...they're getting better.

    I can sense your anger through your writing but you're correct, fish are stupid. Fish these with really light tippet and you won't be sad about a loss.

    Drywall can be a cruel mistress, especially if you're trying to pretty her up with mud. I hope the flies helped, and maybe the wine cork had something to do with it too.

  3. I have more of those not so well made flies. Ikeep them in a few boxes. I'll use them this year when my grandkids start to fly fish. Those flies will catch there share of panfish, keeping the kids interest in FF, and if they loose the flies, no real loss.

  4. @RW - Thanks for empathy. The sad thing was this wasn't even a "difficult" task, just Murphy and his silly laws decided to rear their ugly heads.

    @Clif - Blogroll stuff still isn't fixed. I had to do a manual push in Google Reader (of all places). Seems to work everywhere else - Facebook, Twitter, Feedburner - except here. Hmmmm.... BTW, it was a MGD night last night.

    @Brk - Lilly's fly box is getting quite extensive. :)

  5. I'd come and help with the drywall if you didn't live so far away. Plumbing is the bane of my existance. I like the black bugger without the hackle. Don 't know if it will catch anything, but since my vise is watming up, as I type, I think I just might add a couple to my box.


  6. Well, I'm sorry about the drywall stuff, but you get no sympathy from me on the flies. I've got my own problems there.

  7. I was at Dick's sporing goods yesterday and actually saw flies that untied themselves in the packaging! I know I'm a novice but home made always trumps mass produced.

  8. Awesome flies Michael, I really the weighted body along with the tungsten bead head makes for a fast sink without using a shot.

  9. I think that "Tungsten Mini Bugger" will get down and dirty and catch you some nice fish. Problem is that it would be so heavy to cast with a light graphite rod. I would be afraid to fish it for lack of money to re-do the tip of my rod. Maybe you can just lob it out there and drift it deep.

  10. I think the barbie fly looks fishy as heck,, I aint kidding either, tie up two more and fish em.

    Drywall, yuck.

  11. Larry? Eric? Hmm...

    Are you sure it's not....



    I like the pink fly. I'd call it Ken's Folly. :) You know, barbie. ken. that sort of thing. Or not.

  12. Dry wall...I hate the heck out of drywall. I just threw a curse at your wall too. So, the pink fly, you may think it is crap, but I like it, and more importantly it looks like something that will work! Next time you go out, throw some in your box and let us know.


  13. I'm no fly boy (yet) but they look pretty tasty to me

  14. Wow, what a reaction to some underwhelming flies. When I actually tie some good ones up I can't imagine what would happen.