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Troutrageous! v2.

Spent the day at the Philadelphia Auto Show yesterday with K.C.   We're interested in upgrading the Griswold Family Truckster and have narrowed it down to a handful of smallish SUVs.  My only requirements - it must have rear windows large enough to accommodate mass quantities of fishing stickers, and to keep the final price under $30K.

As such, the Subaru Forester, Honda CR-V (aka the Mom-Mobile), Nissan Rogue, & the darkhorse Mazda Tribute seem to be the final four to sort through.

I know, I American cars...we looked at them and really liked what was going on with Ford, especially the Edge, but they aren't quite fitting in the budget.  I guess Ford has some crazy idea that car companies are supposed to make money or something.  No offense to the Chevy & Chrysler owners, but their 2011 SUVs were just claustrophobic.

Thus, another weekend clearly went by devoid of fishing activities.  To compensate, I hacked up made some small changes to my blog last night.  …

Question Answered

Yesterday's post asked the question, what are designer waders, and why are people searching for them and ending up here?

Well, after some more search engine sleuthing, it's Prada's fault.  Actually has been since Spring 2009.

Here's a link to an article about it, if you're really interested in learning more.

As for this post, consider it over.  I'm feeling less masculine for writing it already.  I need to go throw on some Wranglers & Carhartt and roll around in the mud or something...

I promise, no more pictures of women in waders unless they are wearing much less clothing.

A Simple Question

What are "Designer Waders"?

The reason why I ask is when I look at incoming traffic for this blog from search engines, one of the top searched keywords is designer waders.  It's actually one of the reasons why that silly Jay-Z & Beyonce post I wrote last year is my #1 most viewed post...ever.

Having a pic of Beyonce in a bikini probably doesn't hurt either.

So again I ask, what are designer waders, and why are people searching for them?

Did I miss a Simms-sponsored episode of Project Runway?

Is Versace on a neoprene binge?

Not that I mind of course, I dominate the #1 spot for that term on Google search...

But in the end, I'm still kinda confused.  Help me out peeps.

What are designer waders & why are people searching for them?

Innovation From A Fellow Blogger

Cam over at The Fiberglass Manifesto has been doing a really great job of highlighting a fellow blogger's new product recently.  I don't want to steal any of his "review thunder," but I thought I'd do my share today to spread the word as well (just in case there's a reader of mine that doesn't already read TFM - like, as if that's possible).

Blogbuddy Jeff at The Freshwater Fly has developed a great little add on to any fly fisherman's arsenal of gear.  I've been a big fan of Jeff's blog for a while (it was featured on Wednesday Nibbles a while back), and I'm glad to see he's found a way to translate his passion for fishing into a product that is extremely useful.

So what is it?  It's a small clip that with a foam patch that's just screaming to hold your flies.  I ordered one last week and it arrived this past Tuesday.  I found it to be very well put together (Made in the USA, BTW) and also comes with a replacement foam pa…

A Movie Post...

...and also a test for an automatic feed distribution method I'm giving a try, just to see what happens.  You won't pick up on that here, but maybe in other channels...if the whole thing doesn't blow up. 
Oh the fun. Plus science rock is cool.

Postscript:  New method sucked, going back to NetworkedBlogs...

Blog Monetizing

No, this isn't an instructional manual on how to monetize your blog...and for those not keen on interweb buzzwords, that means turning your content into cash.  Unless you're writing about porn, electronics, or willing to sell your soul to the devil, (or a combination of the three), it's very difficult to do well.

Rather, I get quite a few emails about my NASCAR-ish right sidebar - especially all those "ads" running down the page as you scroll to the bottom.

While their primary function is to simply balance my page aesthetically (my blogroll is obscenely large), I still get the same questions all the time - Do you make money on them?  How much?  Can I get one?  So in today's post I'm going to give you all full disclosure about what's going on there.  Who else lets you behind the scenes to see the inner-workings of a super-mega-popular fishing blog?  No...seriously, let me know...I've got a notepad ready...

Moving from top to bottom:

1.  Lilly - Sh…

No Wednesday Nibbles Today

Sorry, but they're taking the week off.

See, yesterday was my wedding anniversary.  It's been 9 years since K.C. & I got hitched at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.  (No joke).

Since then she's put up with my nonsense...particularly this post-marriage onset fishing obsession, something that wasn't even on the radar when we exchanged "I do"s...and I continue to wonder what I've done to deserve such a supercool wife.

So no nibbles today.  I just wasn't in the writing mood last night.  Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Stu's, Where Fishing is Fun

Quickie post out of me today.  See, I typically write these posts the night before you read them (at least you on the East Coast), and work got in the way last night.

It's performance appraisal time at the old j-o-b.  Actually had to write my self-evaluation, which is always a good time.  Finding the balance between coming off like an arrogant prick that's full of himself when you try to point out all of the good stuff you did over the course of the prior year can be a little bit of a challenge.  Anyway...

I just wanted to tip the cap to Stu's (Orgasmic) Fly Shop in Athol, New Zealand.  I make reference to Stu's now and then in the Wednesday Nibbles, but if you aren't subscribed to his lighthearted newsletter, you should consider it (you can do it here).  It is definitely one of the more enjoyable reads each month as it keeps you up to date on new product introductions, like this Fish Life rain jacket,

but also deals you in on some of the shop-related hijinks going…

My Luck Has Turned Around!

You might have noticed I've been in a bit of a funk lately.  I twittered this on Friday night...

...Blogger gremlins are wreaking havoc on my blogroll feed...

...and the aforementioned "drywall incident" of Saturday night.

But I received good news in the form of an email on Sunday.  News so exciting I just need to share with all of you. I mean, he said keep it confidential, but I just can't help it!

From: Mr.Abdoul Rahaman
To: Troutrageous!

I am indeed glad to be in contact with you even though this medium of communication (internet)has been grossly abused by some people making it difficult for other once with genuine struggle to correspond and exchange views without skepticism.

I am Mr. Abdoul Rahaman Currently the Audit and Account Unit Manager in Eco Bank Burkina-Faso (Ouagadougou) West Africa, my aim of contacting you is to collaborate with me to transfer the sum of ($17.4 Million Dollars)Seventeen Million Four hundred thousand Dollars into your personal or Comp…

Crap Flies

I had a little bit of a meltdown during a home improvement project last night (more than a few f-bombs were directed towards the antagonistic drywall) so when I decided it was time to stop for sanity's sake, I retreated to the basement and my vise.

Unfortunately, the drywall must have gotten the best of me because I tied up some of the sloppiest flies I've made in a while.  Anyway, here they are.  I'm sure they'll still catch fish.  Fish are stupid.

A mini bugger.  Got real lazy on this one, it's already starting to untie itself...  Loaded this up nice and heavy with a lead core and tungsten bead though, so it should sink like a rock.

Some sort of pink reverse hackle beadhead thing.  Lilly & K.C. got me a ton of hot pink tying materials for X-Mas.  Lilly likes pink...a lot.  Figured I got to start using them sometime. Although they did get me pink beads, went with a red one instead to go with the red wire).

That's it.  I know, a very "entertaining"…

Richard. Dean. Anderson.

I was going to write this flowingly eloquent post about ingenuity.

I was going to write about the various contraptions I've "MacGyver-ed" over the years.

I was going to write about some of the project-hacks around the house - the front door knob crafted from two different knob kits, the bathroom fan motor transplant, or even the IKEA particle board fiasco.

I was also going to relate it back to fishing and prior examples I've documented here such as the magnetic fly box or the infamous DIY hat cam.

I was then going to ask you guys to give me some of your best examples of outdoors (fishing & hunting) "MacGyver-ing" in the comments section below.

But I decided not to; but only because nobody "MacGyvers" like the real thing.
I have video proof.

Rock on RDR. Rock on.

I Love Pflueger Reels...and the Rebates That Come With Them!

What can I say...I do.

Was looking at a few of their new for 2011 models (yes, they're pricey) and if man, these aren't as sexy as an inanimate object gets, I don't know what is...

The Patriarch will run you 2 large...

And the Supreme XT sits right beneath it at $150

Lucky for you, there's also some nice rebates involved.

From February 1st through June 30th, buy one of these and any filler spool of Berkley Trilene, Fireline or Vanish and get $15 off.  Rebate form HERE. -or- From February 1st through December 31st, buy one of these (actually any Pflueger reel or combo) and get a free Long Sleeve T-Shirt.  Rebate form HERE.

I got no skin in this game.  Pflueger hasn't adopted me (yet).  I'm just a Pflueger spinning reel fanboy.  I can admit it.

Wednesday Nibbles - "Yeah, I Got A Sharpie" Edition

This week's edition of the nibbles are getting tossed together in about 10 bear with me.  No, I really mean it, bear with me.

Got a couple of "cause" type messages in the old email inbox this week.  The first was from Bill McWha (if there was ever a man more passionate about the plight of shad & herring, I've never met him).  He sent an email asking everyone to "PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND TELL THE NEW ENGLAND FISHERIES MANAGEMENT COUNCIL TO PROTECT OUR BLUEBACK AND ALEWIFE HERRING". You can do that here if you so choose. I did.

Also got an email from Martin Seldon about last September's Wild Trout Symposium X.  Evidently all the goodness that came out of that summit will be posted on their website in the upcoming weeks.  Worth a peek once all is updated.  I mean who doesn't like songs about wild trout?

Here's the stoopid video of the week.  I know you guys really like these more than the other stuff I post.  This one has made the…

I Got Nothing

Okay, okay, I know...I waited for the last minute to write this...but what kind of blogbuddy would I be to good ol' Owl, if I didn't support him by trying my hand at his FFSBR / Hook & Hackle fly rod giveaway?  A pretty crappy buddy, that's what I'd be.

The exact question/statement/incomplete sentence posed was "Why I deserve to win a Hook & Hackle Rod Building Kit".  After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that I really don't deserve to win it.

See, I'm one of the fortunate (and I can't stress fortunate enough in these times) that has a steady job that supports my family nicely.  I'm also in no shortage of fly rods - I already have 4 fly rods & 2 tenkara rods.  So if I won this rod, although I might build it - never done that before - I probably wouldn't have a use for it.

I know, I know..."but you could give it to Lilly,"...yeah...but I'm leaving Lilly's leap into fly fishing up to her.  She…

Gear Review Update - Streamside Leaders

One of the more popular gear reviews I've written to date was for Streamside Leaders furled tenkara lines.  How do I know it's popular (besides that little widget in the sidebar to the right that says it is)?  Over the weekend I received a nice email over the weekend from Mike (the owner) saying that "about 5 or 6 people commented that they found me thru your blog."  Nice.  The power of the internet at work.

Now I don't know Mike from the next guy, and he isn't giving me anything for writing this, but I figured that since my original review got more than a few page views, it would be worth noting that Streamside Leaders has since come out with 2 new versions of tenkara lines besides the original monofilament furled line I reviewed.

Descriptions pulled straight from his website, (he's fond of writing in ALL CAPS):

Mystic Creek Tenkara Line ($15.99)


Roadside America - Can I Get A Hell Yeah?!

I didn't go fishing on Sunday.  Considering I haven't gone fishing since New Year's Day, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.  Instead, I took Lilly & K.C. to Roadside America in Shartlesville, PA.

Why?  Because I'm demented as all get out?

Nope, actually because Lilly got a train set for Christmas and is sorta in a train phase.

For those of you that don't know...Roadside America is like the size of a high school gymnasium COMPLETELY covered in wall to wall trains.  It's slightly interactive, you can press buttons to make stuff work...

but it's also freakin' nuts, and that's BEFORE they add all of the religious icons & overtones like this doll found in the gift shop into the mix...

...and what I'll call the "Jesus Loves America" slideshow played to the tune of "God Bless America" every 30 minutes.  (No footage of that, I'll have to leave that to your imagination).

EDIT:  My wonderful wife K.C. used her …

Such A Slacker

It's kinda strange...I haven't written a post for 2 days and just I feel so awful about a negligent, absentee-blogger sort of shame.  However when I glance back at my archives, it appears I only wrote 15 total posts in all of January 2010.  In 2011 I'm already at 12 posts (not including this one) and we're only halfway in.

All that makes me wonder.  What the f*ck is going on?  Am I spending too much time blogging?  Are my priorities still in order?  Are there things I should be doing besides writing these stupid posts that are absent of any and all redeeming qualities?

Nah...  Lilly's happy, my wife is happy (& sewing 24-7 these days anyway), so here's to lucky post number 13.  I know all of you are counting on me to continue setting the bar low and making YOUR blogs look all the better for it.

So since I aim to please, enjoy today's pictorial.

And why discriminate...ladies, here's some eye candy for you too.