December 20, 2010

Weekend of Shopping, Flies, Eagles, & Cookies

So no fishing last weekend.

Finished up some last minute Christmas shopping at the King of Prussia Mall on Saturday.  Man, that place was an absolute zoo...and I'm just talking about the parking lot!  Dodging SUVs piloted by cell-phone talking, adrenaline rushed, sale-crazed soccer moms should become an Olympic sport.

Did spend some time unwinding on Saturday night by tying up some flies while listening to the 76ers play the Orlando Magic.  Here's a pic of some of the flies, but honestly nothing really worth posting recipes for or anything.  Just killing time.
Unnamed Nymph Fly
Unidentified Nymph, could use some more dubbing
Tenkara Kebari
Reverse hackle tenkara fly

Sunday afternoon meant Eagles football.  What a f'n game.  The Eagles came back from down 21 in the 4th quarter, and to be honest simply embarrassed the Giants on their home turf.  Nice collapse G-Men.  Yet another swift kick to New York's collective crotch by Philadelphia.  Not that I'm gloating or anything.  No, I'm actually slapping Cliff Lee a high five while gloating.

Sunday evening brought family.  Made some pizzelles (Italian waffle cookies) with K.C. & Lilly.  It was the first time Lilly ever made (or I believe even ate) these.  Mangia!
In go the eggs...
...and the smiles... off the press...
...finished product!

We'll see what the weather holds for this week.  As of right now there's some snow being forecasted for Christmas (oooh, a white X-mas!), if that holds off maybe I'll be able to sneak out and get a line wet.  If not, some more fly tying and perhaps some furled leader twisting might be in the cards.


  1. ood looking flies. both of them will catch fish for sure.

    how about a recipe for the pizzelles instead of a fly recipe

  2. in my 26 years on this earth, there hasnt been a week when, (as a philly fan) I could say screw you to the new york fans more. it is a great time to be a philly fan. i am looking forward to returning to the tri-state area for the holidays. i am sure there will be a certain "f" you cheer in the air.

  3. I love it man! I love the cookies. The smiling kid. The flies (that first one looks alot like a hatching caddis) and the football! My Atlanta Falcons thank you and former (sorry #$# while he was here)QB Michael Vick for pulling that one off. The Falcons are not in the play-offs no matter what. And of course, they tarnished the Seagulls hide as well.

    Vick is an athlete of the highest caliber. The Eagles are a very good football team.

    But this year the Falcons seem to finally have everything going their way. I mean, did you see that fumble and recovery for a first down? You have to have some lucky stuff happen like that on the way to a SUPER BOWL WIN, you know?

    We may finally have a real chance to win it all in Atlanta. ( Hey, don't laugh, the Braves did it. Once. Ok, go ahead and laugh. ;) )

    Nice post! I'll remember to stay away from anything that even looks like a mall until next year!

  4. Pizzelles, a #1 favorite.
    I love them with a hot cup of french roast coffee.

  5. Yeh Mike, how about the recipe. Not the flies, the cookies. I have to admit, your Eagles did a marvelous job pulling that one out. The Bums (that would be the Redskins)on the other hand managed to lose to the Cowbutts, I mean Cowboys, AGAIN. I've got to find another team.


  6. Lily and I have something in common...We both made pizzelles this weekend. My wife made the batter and I ran the presses. One of my favorites for sure.

    I haven't done any tying yet this winter, but after the holidays I plan on hitting the bench every night.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Me like cookies! Oh, yum, yum!

    Good looking flies, Michael. Particularly like the nymph pattern.

    Oh, Shoreman, if your looking for a new team to root for, there is always the Broncos. They need all the help and support they can get.

  8. @AFF - Recipe coming in this week's nibbles.

    @Rick - It's funny how a few pictures can misrepresent the hours I spent on the sofa watching tv in my pjs.

    @Ivan - Tidal wave of Philadelphia domination. Coming to a city near you.

    @Owl - Interesting breakdown. I think both teams could view themselves as a team of destiny. I hope we get to see how your birds handle the speed of ours on the Georgia Dome turf come late January.

    @Brk - Something told me you'd chime in on this post.

    @Shoreman - See comment to AFF. That Redskins team of yours is just cursed. Snyder must go.

    @PTO - Sounds just like us. I was running the presses too.

    @Mel - Thanks for the compliments. Cookies are definitely much more interesting to write about than fishing. One last word for you...Tebow.

  9. Mike, that nymph looks like a winner to me as well and the cookies of course.