December 29, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles - Lots of Changes Goin' On

It's the last Wednesday in 2010.  *Yay!*  Which means it's also the last Wednesday Nibbles for 2010 as well. *Double Yay!*  Taking off work on Monday & Tuesday, my concept of time & the days of the week are all out of whack. Thus, I almost forgot to write these, which would have sucked.  But then again, these posts typically suck.  So I guess you lose either way.

First off...was greeted at the mailbox this afternoon by the 2011 Bass Pro Shops Master Fishing Catalog.  For the uninitiated, it's 700+ pages of goodness that will make the magazine rack next to the porcelain throne very happy.
Page 148 Fenwick EliteTECH River Runner

Haven't had a chance to look at it too deeply yet, but two new "trout-specific" rods jump out for us that enjoy spinning tackle.  On page 138, the G. Loomis Trout & Panfish GLX Microline rods look sweet.  They actually should do more than look sweet, they better drip sugar for $370.  Second, I think I'm in love with the Fenwick EliteTECH River Runner trout rod on page 148.  Cosmetically it's gorgeous, and at $130 is at least a little more palatable than the Loomis.

OK, I found this video on YouTube.  It's not really all that funny, like say ducklings getting blown around in the wind, but I'd like to know the thought process involved here.  Hmmmmm, I'm missing a wheel for my trailer...let's try a tree instead.  But not as a wheel, but some sort of ski contraption.  Sure that'll work...and....uh, know actually seems to.

You guys get any good fishing stuff for Christmas?  I did.  Yeah, the wife must have sold a bunch of diaper bags and aprons to pay for all this stuff.  Among the highlights - Redington Classic Trout 3-Weight, a Danvise, some clothes from Greenfish, a Recycled Waders wallet (for money, not flies), Sharktooth tippet cutters, and a ton of pink & purple feathers, thread, beads, and fur (something tells me Lilly had something to do with that one).  But no bounce house in the kitchen.  Damn.
Image Courtesy:  Dub The Thorax

Now for the changes in bloggerdom as mentioned in the title of the post; there's quite a few....

For those of you not in the know, Owl is back online with this Fly Fishing the Southern Blue Ridge blog, now on Wordpress.  There was a whole Blogger domain fiasco...there may or may not have been a rogue tenkara rod involved...I'm not even sure at this point, just be sure to re-direct your blogrolls, RSS readers, etc... to his new spot,

Ben G., of Ben G Outdoors fame has launched a new blog too.  It's called Abnormal Outdoors, and is about all the weird stuff that goes on in Mother Nature.  As I'm writing this, there's only one post, but I have a feeling if it goes where I hope it does (something like Awkward Family Photos or People of Walmart), I'm fairly sure I'm gonna like this one.
Click on the link above for more on this awkward "grip n' grin"

Dennis, who you may know from the Fishing with Dad blog has not only renamed his blog to Adventures with Dad, but also decided to toss it up on Facebook.  The name was changed to more properly represent his blog...which if I was to do here...well, I won't go there.

Also continuing the Facebook theme, Mel from Blog Cabin Angler went the Facebook route recently as well.  The "Social Network" will never be the same.

Finally, this blog now has a spin-off.  Kind of anyway.  I threw up (and it does resemble vomit) a blog called Basstastic! on Monday night as a way to to tinker around with some things without messing with the absolute perfection that going on here.  Its first job was to play guinea pig for the domain change on this blog.  See, no anymore.  (Don't worry, the old one still redirects, no need to change your links and stuff).

So Basstastic! isn't what I'd call a "real"'s more like a crash test dummy with its own URL.  It's crap, but figured I'd at least acknowledge its existence.
You'll find the "other" KVD on Basstastic


  1. The spare tire is awesome problem solving. I hand it right to them for thinking of that, They got to be fly fishermen... they just gotta be!

  2. Basstastic! as an awkward stepchild? Come on, you couldn't have named it Chub-a-stank?

  3. @Big - Clearly fly fishermen. No doubt about it.

    @Clif - I could have named it a lot of things...including Chub-a-stank, or Chub Rub, or Chubby Chaser...but the domain I had bought 5 years ago was just collecting dust. Thought I'd put it to some misuse.

  4. Well that's just great. Juuuuust greeaaaat. You get a new .com that actually works, I can't get my money back for one that doesn't, Mel gets a Facebook page, your buddy with the abnormal sense of humor gets a photo(is that him? yeesh? I'm guessing not...), the BPS catalog comes to you already, and what do I get? What do I get?

    Seriously, what do I get? That was way too much Christmas swag for one dude.

    :) Thanks for the mention! The hits are building! World domination next week!



    i'm going to mow the lawn. YES I KNOW IT'S WINTER. shut up!


    Oh wait. There is is. heh. ooops.

  6. I'm glad I came back to see Owl's comment. I was wondering how he would take the whole .com thing.

    Chubby Chaser is for sure the direction you should have taken. I wish I thought of that.

  7. I got the BPS catalog yesterday. I actually hadn't looked at it until your post made me feel like I had to read along.
    I got an awesome Christmas gift from Kelly... a guided kayak tour of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the U.P. of Michigan that comes with an Emotion Grand Slam Angler Kayak (that we get to take home at the end of the tour). We'll be headed north in July. I can't wait. I'm glad I got to share with others who might think it's cool... my family doesn't doesn't appreciate how awesome a gift it is.

  8. Damn, our moon bounce photo is making the rounds.

  9. @Owl - What do you get? How about a tenkara rod in the mail. Quit blogging and go fishing!

    @Jay - That's an awesome x 100 gift!

    @DTT - Yes it is...

    @Cofisher - I aim to please

  10. Amen to comment #1 reply by Mike
    no fish in the www. pond

  11. As I mentioned in tweetville the other day Mike thanks very much for the shoutout, been busy in birthday party land over here ;)

    Thanks again bud...I should have given everyone a heads up, I thought the old link may work as well and it don' I have a lots of freinds lost in cyberspace at the moment...little by little I'll be reconnecting though.