December 15, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles - Holy Cr@p Cliff Lee Edition

Wednesday means nibbles.  Sorry, but I have to get something off my chest.
I'm still in disbelief after Tuesday morning's totally non-fishing news.

CLIFF LEE!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!'s OK to be afraid

I'm not sure when the Phillies actually woke up and decided they were going to be a big spending franchise, but as a kid who really started to fall in love with sports around 1984-85 a few years after their Mike Schmidt/Steve Carlton led run of greatness - this is a total 180 degree turnaround to me.  After all, the Phillies were the first major league baseball franchise to lose 10,000 games.  

The Phillies teams I know are supposed to have el-cheapo players like Don Carman, Floyd Youmans, Bruce Ruffin, and Wally Ritchie toeing the rubber.  Not four #1 pitchers with Cy Youngs and playoff MVPs on their resumes.  I know championships are not won in free agency...but for at least for now it feels good to say...screw you Yankees.

By the way, I know this post totally alienates probably 75% of my readers that are not Phillies fans.  Sorry.  Drink your Haterade and come back again tomorrow.  (BTW - If you are a Phils fan, and are not familiar with the blog "Zoo With Roy," go there now.  K.C. & I've got some R2C2 & Phour Loko t-shirts on order.)

That out of the way, I bring you the rest of the nibbles, in video form.

1.  Some Gear - Echo Rod Break Test - 'cuz breaking other folks' rods is fun.

2.  A Stupid Video - Don't Bother Me When I'm Watching TV...

3. And to close, a fishing song...

Enjoy.  And see you in the World Series.


  1. I am not a Phillies fan, but definitely a Yankee hater! So, Cliff Lee...props to you for leaving some $$$ on the table! I have always believed that pitching is the name of the will be interesting to see how this plays out. And by the way, GO ANGELS! (Ok, I am a diehard fan that believes in miracles!) Great and fishing are two great outdoor pastimes!

  2. I'm psyched about Cliff. He apparently didnt want to go to NY because his wife got spit on by yankees fans.

    Also, if you ever get the chance, try casting an Echo switch rod. they are a thing of beauty. My buddy has one and I'm jealous.

  3. Very funny stuff, except the Phillies piece of course. Good job buddy. Watch for an email with a surprise for you.

  4. Great stuff as always. It makes you wonder if the guy breaking rods was proactive with his crotch protection or was in more of a reactive solution.

    And has a Yankees fan I am disapointed with the Cliff Lee outcome but I guess we deserve it sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog - Sharing the Passion

  5. merry cliffmas troutrageous! i want to go to the zoo with roy is a great site. when I first read the rumors, i was cautiously excited. when it became more official, the cautious excitement quickly became full-fledged, unadulterated, 1st grade-style excitement with screaming, jumping, and the removal of clothes. it is a great day/time/years/age to be a phils fan.

  6. Good for you Philly Fans... I'm a partial fan since you guys got my ex-Tiger and one of my all time favorites Placido Polanco. He's a what you call a ball player!
    Good luck next season... I'll be pulling for my Detroit Tigers who seem to be turning into the El Tigres... Team Venezuela.

  7. The rod break test makes me have a new respect for ECHO rods... not that I had any reason for not respecting them... whatever, I wonder if my 10 wt would hold up under that kind of pressure. I don't think I'll try testing it like that.

  8. That guy has too many F's in his name.

  9. I don't watch a lot of baseball anymore but I do know that the Phillies now have the best rotation in all of the majors. I hope they slay the Yanks!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  10. What is this "Phillies" thing you speak of - an ice hockey team? Curling perhaps?

    Sorry, as a Braves fan, I've never heard of a Phillies team. I also join you in hating the Yankees, however. ;)

  11. @TRD - No problems with the Angels over here. Big Mike Scioscia fan (a Philly area guy)

    @TCMM - Those Echos do look nice, I've only heard good things about them.

    @Cofisher - Got the email. Thanks!

    @PTO - I think if I ever went somewhere where something was supposed to explode, crotch protection would be mandatory. I hope he didn't learn the hard way.

    @Ivan - Me too. Was driving to work in the AM, started laying on the horn and was awesome!

    @Jeff - Polly is nothing but classy. Guess he has to be with that GIANT noggin of his.

    @Jay - I'd happily test someone elses rod with a forklift, but not mine.

    @Clif - What were his parents thinking?

    @Ryan - See even folks that don't watch baseball don't care for the Yankees. I love it!

    @Owl - The Braves have fans? Could never tell by the crowd shots during the games...other than the 4 people doing the Florida State tomahawk chop.