December 1, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles - December 2010

Man, it's December already?  Where did the year go?  I remember opening day of trout season like it was yesterday.  Waking up early on a surprisingly not so brisk April morning.  Hard to believe that was like 8 months ago.  What's one good thing about opening day besides the easy pickins trout and fishing with old neighborhood buddies?  Seeing the obligatory can 'o corn being used as bait, which brings to you this week's Wednesday Niblets Nibbles.
Wednesday Niblets

First off, what's on your Christmas list this year?  (Hope a certain someone notices I didn't say Holiday list).  Some of the fishing things on my list are a waterproof cell phone case, some swag from Greenfish, a Danvise, Rio Trout LT line, and a new 3-weight.  I had pretty much had my mind set on a Redington Classic Trout, but the prices on Sage TXLs have come down quite a bit recently in light of the new TXL-Fs coming to market. Makes the TXL an extremely tempting option.

Now that fat bastard in the red suit just needs to make it happen.  And if he doesn't I've got blackmail pics.
Photo Courtesy: Mark Velasquez Photography

This next nibble comes from Grizzly Jim, a pal over on Twitter.  He's got a blog too, but Twitter is where it's at for him (if you can handle all of the Tennessee Vol love).  Last week I made mention of my fondness for infomercials in a post, and he served this one up on a silver platter.  Freakin' hilarious!!!!  (Warning: Language)

Speaking of ads, there's a lot of crappy advertising in outdoor magazines.  Most of them I just flip on past.  An ad for Toyota Trucks *flip*  An ad for Harbor Freight Tools *flip*  An ad for pills that will make her scream for more *pause...scan...flip*

On the other hand, this ad makes me want to grow a Z.Z. Top beard and shoot some ducks ASAP.  Not sure if there's a more badass look going on today this side of Billy the Exterminator. Phil Robertson is one f*cker you'd clearly not be wise to quack near.
The Duck Commander

From scary to inviting in an instant.  Just because vintage pin up girl art is AWESOME...
Gil Elvgren .com

Finally, I made some changes to my blogroll this week.  If you haven't written a new post in a while, you're now gone.  Sorry.  Mind you not banned forever, but 2 months is the cutoff.  Nothing personal.  Misfortune breeds opportunity, so this move also created some room for some new blogs.

So do yourself a favor and check these blogs out NOW or Phil Roberston might need to unleash his brand of fury on ya:

Some kinky stuff going on at 'The Freshwater Fly.'
Ride 'em cowboy.


  1. Damn near wet myself laughing at that "Hillbilly Mays" video. Keep them coming.

  2. I really do enjoy sitting on a river bank fishing for trout and after purchasing my first fly fishing kit I am looking forward to hoping getting into that next summer. I don't know what else i will need but I am sure there is a list.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  3. I have a waterproof cell phone case. The model I have is great, click the link for more info.

  4. @Kiwi - Billy Mays, R.I.P.

    @Rick - Oh, there's a list...and it will keep growing...and growing...and growing...

    @Clif - I've currently got the same model. Works great save the sandwich crumbs.

  5. Hey... I know that guy! He sleeps with the fishes. Nice!

  6. Her shoes. They are going to get wet. Just sayin'....

  7. LOL...on the Santa pic.

    And the pic in bed with the fish...great stuff...I gotta click over there.