December 11, 2010

Visit To Santa's Wonderland

Took the fam on a little road trip today to the Bass Pro up in Harrisburg.  I didn't really need anything, but it was something to do, plus they had their "Santa's Wonderland" set up, so I knew Lilly would have fun.  By the way, she did...

A R/C Monster Truck for X-Mas?
Nah, too about an ATV?
Too slow...a bass boat perhaps?
Too pricey.  I'll just color instead.

You might notice no picture with Santa...

Yeah, we're still evidently afraid of the fat man in red.  Somebody didn't want to sit on his lap (or get closer than 50 yards to him), but I have a feeling he knows who's been a good girl this year.


  1. Great family stuff.
    On the way home this afternoon, from a fishing outing, I spotted Santa at a Christmas tree farm.

  2. From what we've heard through the year, I concur. She's been a good girl.


  3. Lilly is a doll. Great way to spend a day.

  4. my son is 20 months and everyone said he was going to scream and flip out when we took him to see Santa but he was actually excited. He started jumping up and down and screaming "TAN-TA!" when he got to sit on his lap. Give it time.

    BTW, how is BPS for fly gear? I've never made it up there. I meant to go twice, but got sick of driving and went to Cabelas instead.

  5. @Brk - That Santa guy sure gets around!

    @Shoreman - Yeah...there's gonna be a lot under the tree this year.

    @Cofisher - Thanks, takes after her mom.

    @TCMM - I'm not sweating it. Chuck E. Cheese, the Phillie Phanatic, even Mickey & Minnie when we took her to Disney...just doesn't like people in furry costumes. Can't say I blame her.

    I find Cabela's fly "shop" is generally better than Bass Pro's, more variety, greater selection.

  6. Michael
    This post brings back so many memories of when my little girl sit on Santa's lap--they grow up way toooo fast. Something special about your own little girl. By the way I am using your order to get my free flies, got some Humpy blacks, yellows, royals, and greens dries in size 16 through 10 ---hope to use them not only as an indicator but as an attractor as well, the float aspect should be good considering the bulk of the fly-- thanks for sharing the post

  7. Looks like Lilly had a great time and i'm sure Dad did as well. hopefully you were pointing out items on your Christmas wish list while you were walking around.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. @Bill - Trying to enjoy it while she's still little. They grow up too quick! Sounds like a nice score from

    @PTO - She already knows what I want for X-Mas from her. Hugs & kisses.