December 30, 2010

The Tenkara New Product Laboratory

As you all know, I'm a big fan of tenkara.  I will forever be indebted to Tenkara USA for their introduction of this streamlined method of fishing to the US.  That said, I pretty much gobble up anything new they bring to market, but the recent introduction of a new product to their offering kinda had me scratching my head.

Ready?  *Cue the drum roll*  Introducing...Tenkara USA Tea!
Huh?  Yeah, I said tea.  Like the drink.

Complete with bamboo stirry thing

Now I know...tenkara is Japanese...and the Japanese have an affection for tea.  I get that in a totally non-stereotypical kind of way.  However I always took tenkara as a Four Loko kind of fishing discipline myself.

But that also got me thinking.  What other things do the Japanese enjoy that would make perfect product line extensions for Tenkara USA?  Here's a few I thought of, but I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments section (don't be scared).  Heck if you want to get imaginative, do your own bad photoshop and email it to me at troutrageous1(at) and I'll post it.

Daniel, I hope you're taking notes...

Hello Kebari
Baseball Equipment - Searching for a new Ichiro
A game for Nintendo Wii. No wires (or reels) necessary!
Performance headwear for competititve eaters 
Vending Machine Novelties. Yeah, I went there.

On a serious note, Tenkara USA does a great job with the content on their blog.  You can check it out HERE.  I'm also a big fan of their videos, such as this newly posted fly tying short.


  1. I heard Sage is going to start making lip gloss... 5 yummy flavors too..
    might help with the ice if you smear it on the guides.

  2. I love tea, and simplicity.

    That fly is as simple as it gets, and I'll bet its effective too.

    Good stuff

  3. Tenkara USA needs to make their own line of Giga Pudding!

    It'll make more sense (or not) after watching the video:

  4. Don't forget pixelated fish porn

  5. Give me a minute. You know I can't resist photoshopping and humor.

    btw - I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Tenkara USA was sponsoring that very healthy golf chick's glove. I mean, WOW what club. What? It wasn't a golf shot? hmmm...

  6. @Big - I hope tangerine is one of the flavors. Yum.

    @Brk - You know it. Reverse hackle kebaris are all that.

    @FF - I need that. Now. Forget fishing, I should be blogging about pudding.

    @Clif - That was a given.

    @TRR - Skoal bandits resembled tea bags so closely, this was a natural extension.

    @Owl - No, it's tennis.

  7. is she smuggling a pair of twin midgets under that shirt?

  8. @DTT - I'm not sure if she's doing a good job of "smuggling" anything.

  9. Happy new year, and a successful 2011 to everyone!

  10. uhhhh...sorry I got distracted. I love tennis. What was the question again?