December 21, 2010

So Check This Out...

A little while back I was asked to be one of the Pottstown Mercury's Town Square bloggers.  It's basically a hodgepodge of bloggers that write about things locally.  While the other bloggers actually contribute useful information - like current events, traffic reports, cooking tips, and ways to improve family finances - this blog just kinda floats there in the current, like a discarded bobber.

I don't really call out the affiliation much here (shame on me), but you may have noticed the little "Mercury" banner over in the right sidebar of the blog upon one of your previous visits.

Well, they asked all of the bloggers to answer a short interview questionnaire the other day, and appears the one about Troutrageous! got published today.  Here's the link if you'd like to read it.  

If they had asked, I could have probably given them a picture that was not so pixelated, like this one below of me after a day of tenkara fishing with Dr. Ishigaki and Sasquatch, but on many levels, their image is kinda fitting.
The Three Amigos
[Note: Looks like they changed the picture.  
Unfortunately not to the one above.  
I love the instant gratification that the internet brings]

The point of this post isn't only to toot my own horn (*toot toot*) it's actually just to point out that if you're interested in going this route, local newspapers are affiliating themselves with blogs and bloggers all the time.  Just ask Shoreman.  If you're looking for a way to reach more readers, a simple email to your local newspaper's editor might just be an easy place to start.

Also, to anybody who might be stopping by for the first time.  I'm sorry.  You were probably expecting some really good fishing tips, maybe some top secret local places to catch a big brown trout or smallmouth bass.  You're not going to find that here.  (However if you know of any I'm all ears!)  Nope, just fishing related nonsense, self-deprecating humor, bad photoshop, and kinda funny YouTube videos.  Oh, and Lilly. Lots of Lilly.



  1. I've whored myself to the local rag a few times, only to be told "we'll add some bloggers next year." I'm going to stop asking.

    "fishing related nonsense" you say? What about all the nonsense completely unrelated to fishing?

  2. Their loss Clif. I don't mind whoring myself out. I don't think they're getting much out of the equation.

    You're right, I totally undersold the unrelated fishing nonsense. My bad.

  3. Nicely done Michael. Toot, Toot for you.

  4. Thanks for the plug, Mike. I don't think of my writing for the local newspaper as whoring, I think of it as getting more information out to those in the "neighborhood" so they can catch more fish. BTY, the fifth article is coming out in Friday's Christmas Eve edition. The paper also plugs my blog each time I do an article. Clif might have a paper that has Rectal Cranial Inversion and don't know what they had.


  5. Great post and interview. So honest and funny! Two of the reasons I so enjoy your blog. Don't ever change!

  6. Who doesnt love self-deprecating humor? I don't.

  7. @Cofisher - Thanks.

    @Shoreman - No, you're no whore. You actually write good stuff that stands on its own merits. I'm probably more of a slut anyway, at least whores get paid.

    @Kari - Thanks. I'll try not to. Well, at least for a little bit longer.

    @Ivan - Well put my man.