December 13, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

...or should it?

We've had some interesting weather around here recently.  While a lot of the country has been getting its first waves of snow, the Philadelphia area hasn't gotten a flake.  Maybe a furry amidst raindrops, but certainly nothing substantial enough to accumulate on the sidewalk or collapse the roof of a domed football stadium...if you know what I mean.

<a href="" target="_new" title="">NFL on FOX: Metrodome collapse</a>

Not to say it hasn't been cold.  It's been downright chilly, with temps in the low 30s and lots of wind making it feel much colder.  It's going to be like that for a while too.  So when I looked at the weather forecast yesterday and saw a balmy 55 degrees and some rain, my immediate thought was to fishing.  Rods in tow, I headed out hoping that my usual fishing haunts wouldn't totally be blown out chocolate milk.

First hit Valley Creek with every intention to test that Fountainhead Caddis Fly Rod...
Fountainhead Caddis Tenkara Rod locked & loaded
That's usually a 3 foot drop from the bank to the water

Okay, so that wasn't gonna happen.  That water you see above is usually calf-high at deepest, today it's almost cresting the bank.  Did get a few casts of the Fountainhead Caddis's a more substantial rod (i.e. heavy) than my Tenkara USA Iwana, also felt a little more stiff.  Did throw an accurate cast with the braided line.  I literally only casted it like 4 or 5 times, so not a big sampling.

Coincidentally, TenkaraBum posted a full review of the Caddis 330 & 360 over the weekend, click HERE for his view on the rod.

So Valley was a bust.  Packed up the SUV and headed over to Sanatoga Park.  Thought maybe the warmer weather might have gotten some of those bass & bluegill out of their winter slumber...
Not much better
LL Bean Quest II 3 weight.
Is that a wind knot or two I see in my furled leader?
Albright Topwater - Click & Pawl goodness

Yeah, that wasn't happening either.  I did spend about an hour practicing my casting...overhead & roll casting into the wind...toward the falls, but didn't catch anything.

Was it a lost afternoon?  Nah.  It was 55 degrees in mid December & I was out swinging a rod.  With temps forecasted to be in the high 20s the remainder of this week, I'll take this skunking with a satisfied grin.


  1. Its a rock and a hard place. It would have been nice to have some of this in August.
    At least you were out.
    That leader of yours is a carbon copy of mine, only yours is in better shape.

  2. At least you found open water and had a chance for something. I went to several local ponds as soon as the wind died down only to find them frozen over. Kinda hard to tenkara fish on a frozen pond! Better luck to you next time.

  3. I said in my post that I wouldn't have it any other way than the way we got it. But there's something to be said for 55 in December and being able to practice casting, even if it doesn't produce anything.

  4. I think nobody is getting the normal kind of weather this time this year. It seems to be effecting everyone.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  5. @Brk - Agreed, the rain is long overdue.

    @Kiwi - Yeah, until they make a 24" tenkara rod for ice fishing, guess were stuck inside tying.

    @MNA - True that.

    @Rick - Yeah...wouldn't want to be a hunter right now.