December 17, 2010

New Tenkara Rod: Iwana Series II

Tenkara USA decided to go out and improve on a really great rod series, the Iwana.  They announced on Wednesday that the new Iwana II has arrived - just in time for X-Mas!  Most of the changes are around the handle & just like before, the new Iwana comes in both 11' & 12' models.

I have an original 11' Iwana and absolutely love it; probably wouldn't trade it for anything.  While I'm not going to run out and get this new version and discard the old one, for those of you interested in making the leap, this might be just the ticket (or perhaps even try to get one of the old ones for $12 less while they last!)

Tenkara USA Iwana II

Now for the specific updates, as read by a Mexican Lucha Libre cartoon, since that's what all the hip blogs are doing these days...


  1. *giggle. *giggle. * tee hee

    I ordered one last night. I also created a new blog and linked to your site here. I also harassed you on the Tenkara USA forum. ;)

    And I can't WAIT to see your movie when it finishes "rendering." It's 6:16 and I'm popping popcorn and trying to stay awake long enough to see it. Now, where's that liquid butter stuff....

  2. Nice. Figured you'd be getting in with all of those messages last night. Movie's done...figured it would finish before this post auto loaded...was about an hour off.

  3. I love the part where he says " sensations!" and waves his arms! haha! nice work!

  4. HAHA! Love the Lucha Libre cartoon. Hadn't seen that before! Who knew lutadores would like tenkara too :)

  5. Michael
    I just watched a video on the Tenkara rods, it was on their webstie and I fully understand why you love these rods so much. I could get into this type of fishing on some of the small streams here in the northern part of our state. I am thinking this rod would be good to use for the sun perch in some of those streams. These are places on these stresms where casting is impossible. Which rod would be best for this type fishing I have described?

  6. @Bill - Based on what you're saying, would think the shortest would be the best for you, which would be the 11' Iwana. Especially if you don't need to cast far distances.

    I can easily cover what I need to on the streams I fish with the 11 footer and it requires little to no backcast. It gives you a little over 20 feet of reach (rod & line extended).

    If you think you need more, a 12' Iwana might be in the cards. I've never cast one, but from what I've read I'd recommend that one over a 12' Yamame. I think any of the 13+' rods would be overkill.

    There's other suppliers of less expensive versions as well. An 11' Fountainhead Stone Fly would be another option.

    I'm not affiliated with either company, so it would simply depend on how much of your budget you'd want to dedicate to tenkara.