December 7, 2010

My Apologies

No post yesterday, for that I am sorry.  I don't always write a post every day of the week, but I'm usually good for a Monday post.  Just didn't get around to it because I was busy taking pictures and posting stuff on eBay on Sunday night.  Yeah, that eBay.

As you might notice from my eBay feedback score of 12, I don't really use eBay all that much as a buyer or seller.  I am on a 12-step program to get rid of my addiction.  Don't listen to what they say, the patches don't work.  

I decided to post these items because I thought it might be a good time to lighten some of my excess fishing gear.  There are just some things I bought with every intention of using them, (like my baitcast reel - which is a steal at $15 as I type this) but simply never did, and I've come to the realization that I likely never will.  

It's something I've been meaning to do, plus there's a ton of suckers people out holiday shopping right about now just waiting to send me some cash via PayPal.

Which leads me to these questions to ask all of you, my loyal and clearly chemically-imbalanced readers:

Do any of you use eBay (or even Craigslist) to buy or sell fishing or hunting stuff?  If so, what kind of items do you look to buy or sell?


  1. I've bought some fishing gear off eBay - reels, lures, etc. I've also bought some miscellaneous hunting gear. Haven't had any problems so far. I've sold stuff, too, but not hunting or fishing equipment. I rarely sell that stuff! :-)

  2. Hell yea! I use craigslist and find yard sales that have fishing stuff in the description,, then I email them if the fishing stuff is available, last spring i got a trolling motor and 4 new batteries for 80 bucks,
    when I look.. I'm looking for fly rods and reels, there is always somebody selling their pride of ownership stash... Ill make an offer on the rod or the reel of even the boots if they fit,
    a lot of people just want to sell something so If they can sell the rod for 50 in stead of sitting on the whole shabang,, they do it..
    I have bought 2 rods from craigslist and eBay has the deals on fly line,, Right now I'm addicted to rio gold. there is always an online fly shop trying to dump some lines.

  3. I use ebay every so often for the random stuff and am always looking for deals. stuff I've got on ebay has been feathers, a vice, hooks, and then other stuff for the house. no complaints so far. like BJK said - I rairly sell any old hunting or fishing stuff. Who knows when I'll need it again?

  4. Heck I'm glad ya took the day off, I'm strugglin to keep up here ;)

    I here ya loud and clear on the amazon thing, we should start that version of AA...could be our ticket out of the rat race, and be burried in more fishing gear :)

  5. I use ebay for beads and hooks. You can get some great deals, especially on hooks. I've gotten 100 packs of tiemco nymph hooks for $7 shipped already. Also good for some hard to find synthetic stuff, UTC wire, etc.

    I've used craigslist to sell about 20 spinning rods and reels this year and it worked. Most stuff was sold in a day or two, and you get to avoid ebay and paypal fees.

  6. I buy and sell a lot of fly fishing gear on ebay. Last year I picked up a used spey rod, fished it for entire season, then sold it for within $5 of what I paid. What's not to like!

  7. Haven't used either before, but since I am about to be really poor these options might be the only way Dus and I get new gear...or new-to- us gear. He desperately needs a new bow, and we both want a 3w rod and reel. Hopefully we can score something second hand/barely used.


  8. Actually, this is sad to say but - if you ask my fishing friends, I'm their "ebay." I have this bad habit of picking up deals on stuff that I really don't need, and then selling it for 1/2 price 5 or 6 months later. My wife hates it, but my fishin' buddies are always saying " Yeah, owl - you need that! Go on and get it!" knowing that there's a good change they can get one too, just at 1/2 price a few months down the line! lol

    IMHO, ebay used to be pretty cool...until it got so commerical that you couldn't search on "fly rod" without getting 234 pages of fly shops selling cheap or old gear before you got to the real people-to-people stuff. Craigslist here in Atlanta never had very much in the way of fly fishing gear so I don't use that either. I use Cabela's for almost everything, and my friends for when I want to sell.

    Anyone need a mint condition, adult owned, hardly played,(fat style) PS3 with extras for $150 plus shipping? ( yes, really.)

  9. Michael
    Check your email about Ebay. I left a message for you.

  10. Hey Owlman, easy on the old gear stuff. Us collectors call it vintage. I've got a hot line to ebay. It's great for tying materials, vintage gear, hard to find books at great prices. Only had two bad experiences and they were settled in my favor.

  11. @BJK - I don't blame you if you've got good stuff.

    @Big - I'll have to look into the Craigslist thing. I've honestly never been to the site. No joke.

    @AYOTF - No doubt. BTW, got my print today - it's awesome!

    @Dennis - ...but I gotta get my money's worth outta my Amazon Prime!

    @TCMM - I've never tried it for tying stuff. Not sure if I want to, afraid I'll never go back!

    @AO - Sounds like one hell of a trade in program!

    @S&D - Seems like you need to talk to talk to some of the other commenters, they've got this on lockdown.

    @Owl - Yeah, I remember in the early 00's when eBay used to be more like the Wild West. Miss those days.

    @Bill - Got it. Thanks.

  12. Mike,
    I'm an Ebay pro. I have a 100% positive feedback score of 246 transactions over the last ten years. I've bought tons of fly fishing gear there. I've sold other things... I have a hard time parting with my fishing stuff. I always have a way of convincing myself I still need it... or I wear it out to the point it has no value. I even bought a fishing kayak through ebay. If you ever need any tips on buying or selling on ebay, just ask me. The best basic advice is to use the right keywords in your auction listing title and always include good photos. Photos sell the items. I use craigslist too, but not as much. I did recently sell a 120 gallon aquarium on craigslist.
    I'll check out what you got for sale. Enjoy your ebaying!