It's Friday, So I'm Takin' It Easy

No post of substance today. It was a hard week of work and the mind is a bit more fried than normal.

Here's to rest, relaxation, and the unknown that lies ahead...

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. How do you define "normal?" ;) LOL Just kiddin' ya man! Have a GREAT WEEKEND!

  2. What? No near nekked ladies today?

  3. Nah Clif...the Chum's got that covered on Fridays. Friday Pin Up

  4. "Man come on I had a rough night... and I hate the freakin Eagles man."

    Ha! Take It Easy.

  5. Substance is not always necessary. Have a good weekend, Mike!

  6. Looks like a perfect spot to relax (thumbs up)...Have a great weekend bud!

  7. Very relaxing picture to help set the mood. Looks like a great place for small dry flies or beadhead type nymphs with an indicator. How is that for substance?

  8. Thanks all to the positive reaction to this lame-o post. And yes Mel...that water is perfect for both.


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