December 10, 2010

Fish Creek Spinners "Black Eyes" Protoype

In this week's Wednesday Nibbles, I mentioned a prototype spinner I received from John at Fish Creek Spinners. He assured me that it's not top secret, nor should it be mistaken for the catalyst of world peace, so I'm posting a pic...

fish creek spinners

John also sent me an email...guess he saw my post the other day...and had this to say about it.

Hi Michael, noticed a couple of referrals from and went by for a visit. I found the package had arrived. You can show the early ship version, although I dont know if that will become a trout model or not yet. Yours was numero Uno.
I started using stick on eyes to spice up our new zonker spinnerbaits (after Ben or I paint them) and had ordered several sizes including that size along with the smaller flatter versions, all without samples. The raised prism eyes were too big so didn't have a use, but seemed very 'fishy' so I started dreaming up designs. I bought about a thousand of the flat glass beads probably 10 years ago, had used them on some 'special edition' spinners, but they were mostly unused and buried, almost forgotten when the eye's showed up.
Through serendipity and innovation, I'm now using those prism eyes on the muskie pike spinners, will put something together for walleye's 'Eyes for an Eye'! and today started putting them on some metal beads for a new ice-fishing rig called a 'Rocker Jig'. Check out the new Ice fishing page I put up this evening for a look at one. So if there are any left, I may sell some like Trout version like you have, maybe call them 'FCS black-eyes' or some yet to be found other name.

Black Eyes...I like the sound of it. I'm sure the fish will like it as well.

Check out John's Fish Creek Spinners website for a ton of different and unique spinner designs in all shapes & sizes. Oh yeah, Pocket Tackle makes for a great stocking stuffer too.


  1. Nice hook!! if you have to fish a spinner, that hook will be just fine!
    wish more would take the 5 seconds to switch it out..
    Looks like a giant zebra midge!

  2. Pardin me because I am no expert but it never hurts to improve. I'd like to say I am an average trout fishman with plans to get into fly fishing for trout after winter so I will keep tabs on these new tips.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  3. I don't know, I think it may in fact be the catalyst of world peace. I like the single hook design as well. If I ever get around to making some spinners again I think that's the route I'm going to go. Nice looking spinner and John is a good guy. Now get out there and put it to the test!

  4. Yep, it 'em wet and send me some fish pictures Michael! That bulldog brookie pic you sent me earlier this year is getting lonely.

    Cross-over spinners - we always give the option of hook choice (accept on spinnerbaits, there you can choose blade types). Small friendly and adaptive..

    Thanks for all the interest and site traffic, I enjoy seeing where hits come from.

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