December 2, 2010

Anybody Ice Fish?

Tiny rods, crazy flashing devices, power augers, underwater cameras, pop up shelters; ice fishing is a totally foreign concept to me.  Especially the part about sitting on a bucket & staring down a hole in sub-zero temperatures.  Somebody's gotta explain the allure to me.  I just don't get it.

Looks exciting

This month's copy of Pennsylvania Game & Fish magazine dedicated the entire back half of the book to ice fishing.  (Most likely if you subscribe to your state's Game & Fish and also live somewhere that ices over, your version has the same generic articles as well).  Lots of interesting content, none of which makes any sense to me whatsoever.

That said, using fishing as an excuse to get blitzed with your buddies during the daylight hours absolutely works for me.   I guess that's one good thing about ice fishing; you don't need a cooler for your brew.  But there's gotta be more to it.  It's not like these "anglers" below grace every frozen lake across the country, right?  (please tell me I'm wrong)

bikini ice fishing team

If you ice fish, help me understand...I'm open minded.

I want you, to show me the way...


  1. Iv never ice fished. Wouldnt mind trying it though.

  2. Pointless, unless your hungry, boring, unless your used to playing wii fish, Cold, unless you got an eskimo hoodie, Then what if you get skunked?.... what a let down..
    I dont do it either Mike, I sure as hell have and might again someday. I like the idea of a fish bigger than the hole.
    Ill stick to the stream... atleast you can walk a stream, where you supposed to go in ice? In circles until you hear that cracking sound.
    If I got an invite from the group of girlys in your pic,,, well sure! I do this all the time, "here take this little scooper and clean the slush out of the hole... Oh honey you dont need the handle.

  3. Yes, you need a cooler for your brew, because it will freeze and the cans or glass will blow up. Also, the food you packed will become ice cubes. I do a lot of ice fishing and it a great way to spend a winter day and catch a bunch of fish.

  4. When you live in Minnesota where winter takes up half the year, and you're a fishing addict, what else are you supposed to do? You want that tug on the line and you'll do whatever you can to get it.

    Besides, it can be quite comfortable. Sit in a shelter with a heater and you don't notice the cold at all.

    Not to mention that there are some castles on the ice. Wall-to-wall carpeting, fridge, and satellite TV. One of my posts this winter will be to show off some of them. Stay tuned.

  5. From a West Coast perspective, I stay off ice as much as possible, whether it's on the road, or on a lake. Too many stories of guys going into the water when it breaks. Don't want to be one of them. As far as the bikini ice fishing Team, I've never seen anything like that out there. If I did, I'd probably take a look from a distance, like the shore.


  6. Peter Frampton, doesn't that bring back some memories.
    Any way I never did get into ice fishing even though I see so many doing it. Like you said I couldn't get past the idea of sitting on a frozen lake waiting for a flag to pop.
    Not putting down the sport mind you but it is just not my cup of tea.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  7. I couldn't help noticing that in the middle of the url is "niice" and I thought it completely appropriate.

    Happy Holidays, indeed.


  8. With that tenkara rod you're going to need a really long pop-up tent.

    I'm with you, I have very little desire to ice fish.

  9. You got me Mike. I tried it years ago before my brain matured...then I froze it.

  10. btw, I'm digging the "new direction" you're taking this blog. I'll start calling you Hef pretty soon.

  11. I sometimes look at it like this. The lake freezes over maybe for a reason. So we can't get at the fish. Fish take longer up north to grow compared to southern climes, so should they get a reprieve for a few brief months, leaving more fish for spawning? I'm thinkin' so.

    Maybe I look into things too far and differently...That being said, ice fishing is a great way to get at yellow perch. Yummmm. But I don't ice fish.

  12. All I know is after seeing that seond pic... I WANNA ICE-FISH!!! =)

    The Average Joe Flyfisherman

  13. @ORShane - Think I'm 50/50 on it. A lot of apprehension, but I'd try anything once...I guess...

    @Big - Let me know how you really feel :)

    @Savage - Genius. Learning practical knowledge like that makes writing a crappy blog like this worth it.

    @MNAngler - Would look forward to your post, considering you live in the epicenter of ice fishing. "Pimp My Shanty" would be one heck of a post.

    @Shoreman - Yup, falling in ranks very high on my "cons" list as well.

    @Rick - Hey, everyone is welcome to their opinion.

    @Mike - Very appropriate.

    @Clif - No kiddin'...I'm sure they make those in Japan too. Also glad you're enjoying this direction. It's only semi-intentional, when it's too cold to fish, gotta keep the blood flowing somehow.

    @Cofisher - There's some definite wisdom in your comment.

    @Casey - Things that make ya go hmmmmmm....

    @Ryan - Something tells me there'd be very little actually fishing going on there; not that that's a bad thing.

  14. You've got to try it man! I'm geared and can't wait for the hard top. Should be 2 more weeks for me before my spots are ready. If you dress in layers it's not bad.

  15. I've never been ice fishing, Mike. Of course, the lakes around here don't freeze like they do up north. I know people who do ice fish and they love it. When cold weather hits, I'm in hunting mode, but some people keep right on fishing, ice and all.

  16. 10 below zero outdoors, 60 degrees in the "shack". Radio playing, venison on the grill, fish after fish after fish. Great company, and the great outdoors.

    No fish? Move. Good ice allows a lot of movement...find the fish.

  17. Well, Michael, I am late getting here to post my comment because I have been out "ice fishing". I will have a post up soon on my blog. I have ice fished for many years and have lots of good memories and stories to share. Since I am not tying flies anymore, I even have more time to hang out on the hard deck!