December 31, 2010

Reel Porn

Here's some reel eye candy, if you're into modern looking fishing gear.  The F-Series from Exclusive Reels.  Stumbled upon it in an ad in Ten & Two Magazine  (Thanks to Leigh at FinFollower for turning me on to the mag).

Quite distinctive...don't you think?

I'm thinking this reel probably wouldn't visually match up with a bamboo rod all that well.  I guess not a tenkara rod either since they don't use reels.  Actually, I'm not sure what kind of rod it would match.  That said, I kinda like the idea of fishing with a reel that also looks like it could double as some sort of weapon of impalement.

The Kenai, Bighorn, & Eden

Check out the video to make her scream.  You know you want to.

By the way, there's a Trilogy Series too...but that's just a bit too far out in left field, even for me.

I have no idea if these reels actually perform well, but what does that matter? It's always more important to look the part, right?

While I hold no association with these guys, if you just have to learn more about them, you can check out the specs on these reels or any of the other fashion-forward fishing gear that "master designer" Ari 't Hart is churning out over in Holland at

December 30, 2010

The Tenkara New Product Laboratory

As you all know, I'm a big fan of tenkara.  I will forever be indebted to Tenkara USA for their introduction of this streamlined method of fishing to the US.  That said, I pretty much gobble up anything new they bring to market, but the recent introduction of a new product to their offering kinda had me scratching my head.

Ready?  *Cue the drum roll*  Introducing...Tenkara USA Tea!
Huh?  Yeah, I said tea.  Like the drink.

Complete with bamboo stirry thing

Now I know...tenkara is Japanese...and the Japanese have an affection for tea.  I get that in a totally non-stereotypical kind of way.  However I always took tenkara as a Four Loko kind of fishing discipline myself.

But that also got me thinking.  What other things do the Japanese enjoy that would make perfect product line extensions for Tenkara USA?  Here's a few I thought of, but I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments section (don't be scared).  Heck if you want to get imaginative, do your own bad photoshop and email it to me at troutrageous1(at) and I'll post it.

Daniel, I hope you're taking notes...

Hello Kebari
Baseball Equipment - Searching for a new Ichiro
A game for Nintendo Wii. No wires (or reels) necessary!
Performance headwear for competititve eaters 
Vending Machine Novelties. Yeah, I went there.

On a serious note, Tenkara USA does a great job with the content on their blog.  You can check it out HERE.  I'm also a big fan of their videos, such as this newly posted fly tying short.

December 29, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles - Lots of Changes Goin' On

It's the last Wednesday in 2010.  *Yay!*  Which means it's also the last Wednesday Nibbles for 2010 as well. *Double Yay!*  Taking off work on Monday & Tuesday, my concept of time & the days of the week are all out of whack. Thus, I almost forgot to write these, which would have sucked.  But then again, these posts typically suck.  So I guess you lose either way.

First off...was greeted at the mailbox this afternoon by the 2011 Bass Pro Shops Master Fishing Catalog.  For the uninitiated, it's 700+ pages of goodness that will make the magazine rack next to the porcelain throne very happy.
Page 148 Fenwick EliteTECH River Runner

Haven't had a chance to look at it too deeply yet, but two new "trout-specific" rods jump out for us that enjoy spinning tackle.  On page 138, the G. Loomis Trout & Panfish GLX Microline rods look sweet.  They actually should do more than look sweet, they better drip sugar for $370.  Second, I think I'm in love with the Fenwick EliteTECH River Runner trout rod on page 148.  Cosmetically it's gorgeous, and at $130 is at least a little more palatable than the Loomis.

OK, I found this video on YouTube.  It's not really all that funny, like say ducklings getting blown around in the wind, but I'd like to know the thought process involved here.  Hmmmmm, I'm missing a wheel for my trailer...let's try a tree instead.  But not as a wheel, but some sort of ski contraption.  Sure that'll work...and....uh, know actually seems to.

You guys get any good fishing stuff for Christmas?  I did.  Yeah, the wife must have sold a bunch of diaper bags and aprons to pay for all this stuff.  Among the highlights - Redington Classic Trout 3-Weight, a Danvise, some clothes from Greenfish, a Recycled Waders wallet (for money, not flies), Sharktooth tippet cutters, and a ton of pink & purple feathers, thread, beads, and fur (something tells me Lilly had something to do with that one).  But no bounce house in the kitchen.  Damn.
Image Courtesy:  Dub The Thorax

Now for the changes in bloggerdom as mentioned in the title of the post; there's quite a few....

For those of you not in the know, Owl is back online with this Fly Fishing the Southern Blue Ridge blog, now on Wordpress.  There was a whole Blogger domain fiasco...there may or may not have been a rogue tenkara rod involved...I'm not even sure at this point, just be sure to re-direct your blogrolls, RSS readers, etc... to his new spot,

Ben G., of Ben G Outdoors fame has launched a new blog too.  It's called Abnormal Outdoors, and is about all the weird stuff that goes on in Mother Nature.  As I'm writing this, there's only one post, but I have a feeling if it goes where I hope it does (something like Awkward Family Photos or People of Walmart), I'm fairly sure I'm gonna like this one.
Click on the link above for more on this awkward "grip n' grin"

Dennis, who you may know from the Fishing with Dad blog has not only renamed his blog to Adventures with Dad, but also decided to toss it up on Facebook.  The name was changed to more properly represent his blog...which if I was to do here...well, I won't go there.

Also continuing the Facebook theme, Mel from Blog Cabin Angler went the Facebook route recently as well.  The "Social Network" will never be the same.

Finally, this blog now has a spin-off.  Kind of anyway.  I threw up (and it does resemble vomit) a blog called Basstastic! on Monday night as a way to to tinker around with some things without messing with the absolute perfection that going on here.  Its first job was to play guinea pig for the domain change on this blog.  See, no anymore.  (Don't worry, the old one still redirects, no need to change your links and stuff).

So Basstastic! isn't what I'd call a "real"'s more like a crash test dummy with its own URL.  It's crap, but figured I'd at least acknowledge its existence.
You'll find the "other" KVD on Basstastic

December 28, 2010

Breaking In The Pink Sled

Lilly got a pair of L.L. Bean slope slider sleds for Christmas on Saturday.  We got our first snow on Sunday.  Lilly went sledding for the first time on Monday.  Or tried to anyway...

December 24, 2010

Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

Ye olde Troutrageous! blog is going to take a holiday hiatus for a few days.  Doesn't mean I won't be taking time to troll the interwebs to see what you all are up to...I just have a feeling I'm going to find playing with Lilly's haul of new toys and stuffing my face with cookies & milk a heck of a lot more fun than sitting at the keyboard crankin' out content.

So until then Lilly the elf & I say...

Click to Enlarge

December 22, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles - 'Twas Three Nights Before Christmas Edition

'Twas three nights before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a blogger was, screw it, I'm not in the mood to rhyme.  Christmas music playing on local radio stations since Halloween will do that to you.  Time for the nibbles.

If I hear Bing Crosby & David Bowie sing Little Drummer Boy one more time...

Has anyone been over to Deals On The Fly recently?  For those of you not familiar, it's basically Fishwest's clearance shop.  One product at a time, deep discounts, limited time offers.  Usually what you find is obscure stuff like size extra small t-shirts in yellow or pink, or felt-bottomed wading boots in men's size 5.  Didn't even know any men actually wear a size 5.  

Anyway, they actually had some stuff in real human dimensions this week and I snapped them up.  First was a Simms Derek DeYoung Permit long sleeved T-Shirt in size XL for $5.  Second was a Simms Tarpon Polo in white/XL for $1.  Yes, a polo shirt for $1.  Even after you add shipping, the polo still only came to $6.  That's a deal any way you slice it.  

What an overwhelmingly positive response to the "Lilly Making Pizzelles" post on Monday!  I couldn't help but notice a few requests for the recipe as well.  Ask and you shall receive.

I'd like to lie and say it's a guarded family secret that made its way over from the Old Country with my great-grandmother Anna, but it's not.  It came out of the instruction manual of the VillaWare pizzelle maker K.C. & I got a few years ago.  Yes, I'm a disgrace to my heritage.  Enjoy my dishonor.


OBN featured blogger of the week Owl Jones posted this killer Cabela's fly rod deal on his blog this week...and tell you what, how can you possibly lose on this deal?  Backup rod.  Stick for a novice angler.  Gift for a Amish man or jockey.  Makeshift lightning rod.  Seriously, $24 for a 4-weight graphite fly rod?  Even has a customer rating of 4.1 outta 5.  That deal's crazier than Owl.  And that's saying a lot.

Cheap Stick.

You see this video?  I didn't think so.  We used to do this on the back of station wagons when I was a kid.  This is taking it to the next level.  I was hoping for some death, or at least dismemberment at the end, but alas, it was not to be.  Did I mention this happened in France?

Finally some blog love goes out to some regulars to the comments section of this blog.  First, Clif at Lunker Hunt wrote an awesomely under appreciated post on Sunday.  I didn't read it until today, and damn if it isn't hilarious in a snarkily understated way.

Just like all of my pictures.

Second, congrats to HeyBJK, who like Owl, was also named an OBN featured blogger of the week.  Brian runs a great blog full of all kinds of interesting outdoor stuff, and also wears a cowboy hat much better than most.

A real cowboy & a rodeo clown
(Hey, unintentional TFM spotting!)

December 21, 2010

So Check This Out...

A little while back I was asked to be one of the Pottstown Mercury's Town Square bloggers.  It's basically a hodgepodge of bloggers that write about things locally.  While the other bloggers actually contribute useful information - like current events, traffic reports, cooking tips, and ways to improve family finances - this blog just kinda floats there in the current, like a discarded bobber.

I don't really call out the affiliation much here (shame on me), but you may have noticed the little "Mercury" banner over in the right sidebar of the blog upon one of your previous visits.

Well, they asked all of the bloggers to answer a short interview questionnaire the other day, and appears the one about Troutrageous! got published today.  Here's the link if you'd like to read it.  

If they had asked, I could have probably given them a picture that was not so pixelated, like this one below of me after a day of tenkara fishing with Dr. Ishigaki and Sasquatch, but on many levels, their image is kinda fitting.
The Three Amigos
[Note: Looks like they changed the picture.  
Unfortunately not to the one above.  
I love the instant gratification that the internet brings]

The point of this post isn't only to toot my own horn (*toot toot*) it's actually just to point out that if you're interested in going this route, local newspapers are affiliating themselves with blogs and bloggers all the time.  Just ask Shoreman.  If you're looking for a way to reach more readers, a simple email to your local newspaper's editor might just be an easy place to start.

Also, to anybody who might be stopping by for the first time.  I'm sorry.  You were probably expecting some really good fishing tips, maybe some top secret local places to catch a big brown trout or smallmouth bass.  You're not going to find that here.  (However if you know of any I'm all ears!)  Nope, just fishing related nonsense, self-deprecating humor, bad photoshop, and kinda funny YouTube videos.  Oh, and Lilly. Lots of Lilly.


December 20, 2010

Weekend of Shopping, Flies, Eagles, & Cookies

So no fishing last weekend.

Finished up some last minute Christmas shopping at the King of Prussia Mall on Saturday.  Man, that place was an absolute zoo...and I'm just talking about the parking lot!  Dodging SUVs piloted by cell-phone talking, adrenaline rushed, sale-crazed soccer moms should become an Olympic sport.

Did spend some time unwinding on Saturday night by tying up some flies while listening to the 76ers play the Orlando Magic.  Here's a pic of some of the flies, but honestly nothing really worth posting recipes for or anything.  Just killing time.
Unnamed Nymph Fly
Unidentified Nymph, could use some more dubbing
Tenkara Kebari
Reverse hackle tenkara fly

Sunday afternoon meant Eagles football.  What a f'n game.  The Eagles came back from down 21 in the 4th quarter, and to be honest simply embarrassed the Giants on their home turf.  Nice collapse G-Men.  Yet another swift kick to New York's collective crotch by Philadelphia.  Not that I'm gloating or anything.  No, I'm actually slapping Cliff Lee a high five while gloating.

Sunday evening brought family.  Made some pizzelles (Italian waffle cookies) with K.C. & Lilly.  It was the first time Lilly ever made (or I believe even ate) these.  Mangia!
In go the eggs...
...and the smiles... off the press...
...finished product!

We'll see what the weather holds for this week.  As of right now there's some snow being forecasted for Christmas (oooh, a white X-mas!), if that holds off maybe I'll be able to sneak out and get a line wet.  If not, some more fly tying and perhaps some furled leader twisting might be in the cards.

December 18, 2010

Take Your Blogger Blog Mobile

So check this out.  Got a smartphone?  Is your Blogger blog a little hard to read on your smartphone's web browser?  If it's like mine, I know it is.  Luckily, Blogger in Draft announced a solution to our problem yesterday...check it out in their blog post HERE.

(Have no idea what Blogger in Draft is?  Click HERE to check out an old post where I kinda explained it.)

So instead of a gorgeously laid out blog like mine only sorta fitting on your smartphone's screen and looking something like this...

mobile blogger old
Yeah, kinda hard to read

With a few clicks of your mouse, it should now look all pretty like this...

troutrageous mobile blog
Ahhhh....much better

Yup, smartphone users rejoice, the Troutrageous! plan for world domination just keeps on chugging along...


Hey you! Yeah, you Mr. WordPress smartypants reading this just waiting to make a snarky comment; I know you guys (& your clearly superior blogging platform) have had this feature for a while.  Just let us simpleminded Blogger folks enjoy our little victories.  They're few & far between.

December 17, 2010

New Tenkara Rod: Iwana Series II

Tenkara USA decided to go out and improve on a really great rod series, the Iwana.  They announced on Wednesday that the new Iwana II has arrived - just in time for X-Mas!  Most of the changes are around the handle & just like before, the new Iwana comes in both 11' & 12' models.

I have an original 11' Iwana and absolutely love it; probably wouldn't trade it for anything.  While I'm not going to run out and get this new version and discard the old one, for those of you interested in making the leap, this might be just the ticket (or perhaps even try to get one of the old ones for $12 less while they last!)

Tenkara USA Iwana II

Now for the specific updates, as read by a Mexican Lucha Libre cartoon, since that's what all the hip blogs are doing these days...

December 16, 2010

Pelagic Gear

No real post today. I spent most of last night (when I normally write the next day's posts) catching up on reading everyone else's blogs. My blog list is quite extensive, it takes a little time to do it right.

Here's my cop out post of the day and I suppose a last minute holiday gift suggestion courtesy of an email that found its way into my Inbox yesterday for Pelagic Gear.

See, I don't intentionally discriminate against the salt. 

I don't own a stitch of this stuff, but I couldn't help but notice it's what all the "cool kids" on the charter boats were wearing when K.C. & I were running around in the Keys earlier this year. I could see myself rockin' a pair of those dorado boardshorts while wet wading for trout...okay...maybe not...but the hats, tees, & hoodies; yeah, me likes those.

December 15, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles - Holy Cr@p Cliff Lee Edition

Wednesday means nibbles.  Sorry, but I have to get something off my chest.
I'm still in disbelief after Tuesday morning's totally non-fishing news.

CLIFF LEE!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!'s OK to be afraid

I'm not sure when the Phillies actually woke up and decided they were going to be a big spending franchise, but as a kid who really started to fall in love with sports around 1984-85 a few years after their Mike Schmidt/Steve Carlton led run of greatness - this is a total 180 degree turnaround to me.  After all, the Phillies were the first major league baseball franchise to lose 10,000 games.  

The Phillies teams I know are supposed to have el-cheapo players like Don Carman, Floyd Youmans, Bruce Ruffin, and Wally Ritchie toeing the rubber.  Not four #1 pitchers with Cy Youngs and playoff MVPs on their resumes.  I know championships are not won in free agency...but for at least for now it feels good to say...screw you Yankees.

By the way, I know this post totally alienates probably 75% of my readers that are not Phillies fans.  Sorry.  Drink your Haterade and come back again tomorrow.  (BTW - If you are a Phils fan, and are not familiar with the blog "Zoo With Roy," go there now.  K.C. & I've got some R2C2 & Phour Loko t-shirts on order.)

That out of the way, I bring you the rest of the nibbles, in video form.

1.  Some Gear - Echo Rod Break Test - 'cuz breaking other folks' rods is fun.

2.  A Stupid Video - Don't Bother Me When I'm Watching TV...

3. And to close, a fishing song...

Enjoy.  And see you in the World Series.

December 14, 2010

Awkward Santa Photo

The other day I mentioned how there's going to be no photo of Lilly with Santa this year due to her phobia of all costumed adults.

Coincidentally (or maybe not), K.C. decided to put Lilly's last picture with Santa up on  It was taken two years ago at a family holiday party at my office.

While I'm sure we won't win the holiday picture contest - there are some really, really funny entries you must check out - I thought I'd share anyway.
“Two years ago I was going through chemo for breast cancer.
I really wanted a holiday picture of our family, so at my husband’s company Christmas party
we forced our daughter- who is TERRIFIED of Santa to pose for a Polaroid picture.
And yes, we’re laughing at her reaction of sheer fright.”

And extreme zoom for dramatic effect...

Yeah, we're bad parents.

December 13, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

...or should it?

We've had some interesting weather around here recently.  While a lot of the country has been getting its first waves of snow, the Philadelphia area hasn't gotten a flake.  Maybe a furry amidst raindrops, but certainly nothing substantial enough to accumulate on the sidewalk or collapse the roof of a domed football stadium...if you know what I mean.

<a href="" target="_new" title="">NFL on FOX: Metrodome collapse</a>

Not to say it hasn't been cold.  It's been downright chilly, with temps in the low 30s and lots of wind making it feel much colder.  It's going to be like that for a while too.  So when I looked at the weather forecast yesterday and saw a balmy 55 degrees and some rain, my immediate thought was to fishing.  Rods in tow, I headed out hoping that my usual fishing haunts wouldn't totally be blown out chocolate milk.

First hit Valley Creek with every intention to test that Fountainhead Caddis Fly Rod...
Fountainhead Caddis Tenkara Rod locked & loaded
That's usually a 3 foot drop from the bank to the water

Okay, so that wasn't gonna happen.  That water you see above is usually calf-high at deepest, today it's almost cresting the bank.  Did get a few casts of the Fountainhead Caddis's a more substantial rod (i.e. heavy) than my Tenkara USA Iwana, also felt a little more stiff.  Did throw an accurate cast with the braided line.  I literally only casted it like 4 or 5 times, so not a big sampling.

Coincidentally, TenkaraBum posted a full review of the Caddis 330 & 360 over the weekend, click HERE for his view on the rod.

So Valley was a bust.  Packed up the SUV and headed over to Sanatoga Park.  Thought maybe the warmer weather might have gotten some of those bass & bluegill out of their winter slumber...
Not much better
LL Bean Quest II 3 weight.
Is that a wind knot or two I see in my furled leader?
Albright Topwater - Click & Pawl goodness

Yeah, that wasn't happening either.  I did spend about an hour practicing my casting...overhead & roll casting into the wind...toward the falls, but didn't catch anything.

Was it a lost afternoon?  Nah.  It was 55 degrees in mid December & I was out swinging a rod.  With temps forecasted to be in the high 20s the remainder of this week, I'll take this skunking with a satisfied grin.

December 11, 2010

Visit To Santa's Wonderland

Took the fam on a little road trip today to the Bass Pro up in Harrisburg.  I didn't really need anything, but it was something to do, plus they had their "Santa's Wonderland" set up, so I knew Lilly would have fun.  By the way, she did...

A R/C Monster Truck for X-Mas?
Nah, too about an ATV?
Too slow...a bass boat perhaps?
Too pricey.  I'll just color instead.

You might notice no picture with Santa...

Yeah, we're still evidently afraid of the fat man in red.  Somebody didn't want to sit on his lap (or get closer than 50 yards to him), but I have a feeling he knows who's been a good girl this year.

December 10, 2010

Fish Creek Spinners "Black Eyes" Protoype

In this week's Wednesday Nibbles, I mentioned a prototype spinner I received from John at Fish Creek Spinners. He assured me that it's not top secret, nor should it be mistaken for the catalyst of world peace, so I'm posting a pic...

fish creek spinners

John also sent me an email...guess he saw my post the other day...and had this to say about it.

Hi Michael, noticed a couple of referrals from and went by for a visit. I found the package had arrived. You can show the early ship version, although I dont know if that will become a trout model or not yet. Yours was numero Uno.
I started using stick on eyes to spice up our new zonker spinnerbaits (after Ben or I paint them) and had ordered several sizes including that size along with the smaller flatter versions, all without samples. The raised prism eyes were too big so didn't have a use, but seemed very 'fishy' so I started dreaming up designs. I bought about a thousand of the flat glass beads probably 10 years ago, had used them on some 'special edition' spinners, but they were mostly unused and buried, almost forgotten when the eye's showed up.
Through serendipity and innovation, I'm now using those prism eyes on the muskie pike spinners, will put something together for walleye's 'Eyes for an Eye'! and today started putting them on some metal beads for a new ice-fishing rig called a 'Rocker Jig'. Check out the new Ice fishing page I put up this evening for a look at one. So if there are any left, I may sell some like Trout version like you have, maybe call them 'FCS black-eyes' or some yet to be found other name.

Black Eyes...I like the sound of it. I'm sure the fish will like it as well.

Check out John's Fish Creek Spinners website for a ton of different and unique spinner designs in all shapes & sizes. Oh yeah, Pocket Tackle makes for a great stocking stuffer too.

December 9, 2010

First Impressions: Fountainhead Caddis Series Tenkara Rod

The Fountainhead Caddis tenkara rod I ordered over the weekend showed up on my doorstep last night.  (BTW - Kudos on the quick shipping!)

However, please don't mistake this post as a product review.  I haven't fished this rod yet - it was about 6:30 PM, pitch black, and 25 degrees outside when I got home - these are merely some visual first impressions of this new stick.  I'll be using the Tenkara USA Iwana, the rod I've fished for the past year (& have a serious crush on) as the benchmark.

Tenkara USA 11' Iwana (top)
Fountainhead 11' Caddis (bottom)

I will say this, in person, the Caddis is a very pretty rod.  Unlike the Iwana, which has a clear coat where you can see the or carbon fiber or whatever it is beneath, the Caddis has a solid glossy, almost metallic blue finish.  Yeah, it's only paint, but it's really quite striking in person, which is odd for me to say, considering my taste in rod color usually runs more towards traditional shades of olive or brown.

Dimensionally, they are virtually identical

Laid on a table side by side, they're dimensionally pretty much the same.  The blank tubing appears to be the same diameter & the cork grips are the same length.  One noticeable difference, besides the fact that the grip of my Iwana is getting grungy from 12+ months of Valley Creek battles, is that the Caddis grip is a bit thicker.  The cork is also noticeably "cheaper," it's just not as soft or supple as the Iwana.  It's not uncomfortable by any means, but if you've used a lot of fishing rods, you know what I'm talking about.

Both screw-off butt caps are silver, but that's where the similarity ends.  The Caddis looks like chrome-colored plastic.  The Iwana's is some sort of mystery metal, although I don't know what it is.  Clearly a better made cap on the Iwana if that carries any weight with you.

[Note:  Chris Stewart, aka "TenkaraBum" did some surgery on the butt cap of the Caddis and found it to in fact be metal, so I wanted to set the record straight.  See his notes in the comments of this post.  I will stand by the notion that the Iwana's looks much, much nicer.  It's more refined and doesn't look "cheap" in my opinion.]

Caddis cork is thick & hard, Iwana is dainty & soft.
Interpret that however you'd like you perverts.

As you extend the rods, again are both pretty much the same dimensionally, with the end segments of the Caddis maybe a hair thicker.  One thing that I didn't realize is that the two end sections of the Caddis are black, not metallic blue like the rest of the rod.  The Iwana is black carbon throughout, with painted rings at the top of each segment.  I don't know if the Caddis uses a different material in it's last two segments or if it's just lacking paint, but it's different.  Not bad, just different.

Crappy picture to attempt to show differences in end segments

Finally, and probably the most important (& controversial feature), the Electrocution Warning Label.  Yes, there was actually a thread on the Tenkara USA forum once upon a time about how folks felt it necessary to peel this label off, it ruins the aesthetic, etc...  I enjoy the NASCAR look, so they're staying on my rods.

Ok, you got me.  The electrocution sticker isn't the most important feature, but it's something to take a picture of.  The Iwana has a white sticker with a bold graphic and largish type.  The Caddis has a silver hologram sticker with a smaller graphic and undecipherable small type.  Whatever...
"Do NOT touch sources of electricity...DUMBASS"

Okay, that's it.  How's that for some totally meaningless first impressions?  At least it gave me something to write about today.  Since I haven't even had a chance to cast in the backyard yet, all the good stuff you really want to read will need to wait for a bit...maybe this weekend.  My next trip to Valley, Stony, or wherever (whenever it is) should feature the Caddis getting a really good test drive.