Catch 200% more fish.  Guaranteed!
Become the idiot with the flashing box hanging off your boat.  Guaranteed!


  1. WTF about says it... Im stuck between thinking there a bunch of idiots with another lure to sell and wanting to see if it actually freakin works for myself, Fiddy cent fly and a fishbox, what a post that would be, Me and my little green speaker caught more fish than anyone on the lake, I know, I was watching, with my new binoculars!

    Good post Troutrageous: still lmao.

  2. But it practically pays me to fish! Wow, people really will buy anything. WTF indeed! -stephanie

  3. One would wonder whay they have to give you binoculars to get you to buy something that is submerged in water and attacts fish, that is, if it really does. One would also wonder why they don't post the price on the add. $149.95 on sale. It does come with a 60 return policy. Who knows. Just happens that the word verification is redness. Could be the color of your face.


  4. You know what - I think I saw someone at THE OTHER END of the pond yesterday with a Magnabait!!!

    Bastages - they pulled ALL the fish up to their end with their hi-tech gadgetry.


  5. I'm thinking that if I had used Jimmy Houston or Bill Dance instead of those two goofs, I could of sold some of those. Funny

  6. I'm not sure what was the stronger selling point - the testimonial from the "former bass pro" I've never heard of or the free made-in-China binoculars. Hmmm.

    It would have been nice to actually see the MagnaRipOff in use, but I guess I'll just take their word for it.

  7. Poppycock! Everyone knows that the only way to catch 200% more fish is to bait up with urine cured salmon eggs....

  8. I'm here to tell ya'll that they DO work! I got 6 of em on my boat (at a time) and I catch fish all day!

    Not sure if it is the fish oil or maybe the lead paint from the outside cover but BOY do those fish sure float up to the surface!

    Me and Jim Bob just got done scoopin up our limit for the day!

    PS: It's also made in China so ya know it's good!

  9. HA! Great comments out of all you guys, figured you'd all get a kick out of this.

    P.S. Coloradocasters - Blogger "ate" your comment. It errored out when I hit publish...just didn't want you to think I was playing censor or something.

  10. I actually made myself watch this fiasco twice. I was trying to be thorough in my comment. So here it is: "Bull"

  11. Would that thing send out conflicting signals with my mosquito annoyer?

  12. @Owl - Probably...or together they may attract (or repel) both mosquitos and fish.


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