November 3, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles - It's November...Already?

The nibbles are back - just like a bad case of acid reflux.  Grab a bottle of the pink stuff and hunker down, because here...they...come...

So any of you vote yesterday? I did. For whom?  I'm not telling.  This isn't a political blog.

As I've mentioned before, I do sorta enjoy political propaganda in the form of campaign ad commercials.  The nastier & more sensational the better.  We had a candidate in PA who basically called his opponent a supporter of sex offenders, terrorists, and of course...sending US jobs to China.  What an Evil Genius.

All he needed to add is that his opponent didn't support "catch & release" and wore felt-soled wading boots and I'd be in.  Seriously, it's probably better now that all of those ads are off the TV, because it frees up thirty seconds or so for genius such as this...

Got a nice little package in the mail on Monday from Ben at Arizona Wanderings.  He was kind enough to gift me with some flies that he's successful with out in Arizona, and I can't wait to try some of these in my neck of the woods.  I'm especially intrigued by his mini hoppers (recipe & "how-to" here) and I think they'll make great "dries" in my tenkara tandem rig setup.

Incidentally there's also a great post recapping an experience with his wife on his honeymoon that you must read.  It's even got some pictures.  No...unfortunately not those kind of pictures.

Mini Hopper Foam Flies
Ben's Mini hoppers on left

Got an email newsletter from Stu's Orgasmic Fly Shop in New Zealand last week.  For those of you slept through 4th grade...the seasons in New Zealand are the opposite than those in the US, so it's spring right now, actually almost summer, and the freestone season evidently just opened.

The email newsletter is pretty humorous, so it's worth signing up for, even if you don't feel like purchasing some of his sweet ties.  If I had run for public office, my political platform would have been to claim New Zealand as the 51st state (or at least a territory)...ASAP.  Manifest Destiny baby.
Stu's Fly Shop Superior Blowfly Humpy Flies
Stu's "Superior" blowfly humpy
(I just like writing "blowfly humpy")

Speaking of the seasons...we had our first frost in SE Pennsylvania yesterday.  Went out to get the paper and walk the dog and the grass was freakin' white.  Damn.  I like autumn, but not temps below 30.  Yes, I'm a wuss.  Guess that means it's time to put the riding mower away for the winter, just like this guy did...just leave your Busch pounders in the fridge.

Finally, it appears everyone's favorite crazy old uncle blogger Mel Moore of Blog Cabin Angler won the OBN 's "Official Launch Giveaway".  Congrats Mel; couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.  Seriously.

I consider Mel not only a friend, but also one of the O.G.s of outdoor blogging, so I'll toss a shout out to the West Siiiiiiiiiiiiide.  Holla'atcha dawg.
Where my Ida-hoez at?


  1. LMAO at that picture and caption. Congraets again mel. cant stop laughing haha :D

  2. Those Blue Humpy's... Love them

  3. Good grapes! That picture of Mel had me spittin' out my coffee! Too funny!

    Congrats again to Mel and great post this is. Don't think I'm going to be able to stop saying, "blowfly humpy" all day!

  4. You should have added a platinum Shimano Stradic 2500 Fi spinning reel to the necklace.

  5. You're just adding to us that have fallen off the straight & narrow with this post. The Honeymoon, Orgasmic Fly Shop, Blowfly Humpy (look like they might work out here), and Mel. Might be a ghost in there somewhere. Gottcha.....


  6. @ORShane - Glad you liked it.

    @Brk - I gotta try some myself, can never have enough flies in the box.

    @Kari - May the term blowfly humpy accompany hair chested babies in your mind all day.

    @Clif - Agreed. I actually tried, but didn't like the way it came out. Need to get me a legit editing software.

    @Shoreman - We've all got to be a little crazy to be spending time chasing fish...FISH!

  7. don't even know where to start on this one.

    I hear there's a Blowfly Humpy hatch on Valley in the spring - you'll be a star with those.

    And - you are SOOO East coast!

  8. Great post as usual Troytrageous. Plenty of good laughs and some new things to check out.

  9. Damn, I just spit my diet Pepsi all over the computer screen.

  10. @Wolfy - I'm already a star. I'll be a constellation with those.

    @PTO - Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    @Cofisher - Must have been the mini hoppers. So funny. :)

  11. Alright, I read your reponse to my comment this morning and wasn't going to say anything else because really, how could the phrases "blowfly humpy" and "hair chested babies" get into my brain and effect me all day?

    Well it did and I'm back to say, "thanks allot!" lol! I couldn't look at a baby with a straight face all day....

  12. Since I didn't see any comments on the vid I will. Pure genius! And the blonde isn't bad to look at.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  13. Well, I am guessin' I better chime in here about now. Michael, my good friend, you are a "piece of work". I always enjoy your posts and was reading along, and, then there it was right before my very eyes. Forever, to be known as, "the picture". I am not sure how you did that, but, I am glad that I was able to assist you in creating some laughter for other. Of course, add in the Blow Flys, and, mini-hoppers and you have one great post. I have to admit it took me awhile to stop laughing. Then I showed some of my family members this post and they started laughing out loud. Simply great!

  14. @Kari - Sorry...well, actually I'm not.

    @Ryan - There was a blonde in the video? I was too consumed by the Jr. Hoff.

    @Mel - Thanks for being a good sport about my shenanigans. From the sense of humor over on your blog, I had a feeling you'd get a kick out of it.

  15. Just wanted to say thanks for the shout-out. I hope those flies work well for you and bring some nice fish to the net. Thanks for the support. As always, a very classy blog post. Nicely done.


  16. Ben - No problem. The shout was well deserved. Class is my middle name...well...maybe if you remove the Cl from the front.

  17. What the? That lawnmower video is absolutely insane. Can you say "redneck"?

  18. Oh man that pic is a RIOT!!!

    Congrats Mel!!

    (sorry I'm late, been outta the loop awhile)