November 24, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles - Gobble Gobble

If you're reading this on Wednesday (like you should), tomorrow is obviously Thursday, which means Thanksgiving!  Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, heck maybe even that grab bag of mystery organs that comes inside your bird.  Who really eats that?  But you know what else it means?  Yup, time for the nibbles.
Giblets.  Enuff said.

Anybody planning on heading out early in two days for Black Friday deals?  Me?  Hell no.  I'll be working.  Internet retail never sleeps or gets a holiday.  There's no chance I'd go out shopping if I was off; being around all of those crazies jostling in long lines for $50 HD TVs & whatever other crap you'd normally never buy if it wasn't dirt cheap makes me nauseous.  

That said, if you're local and would prefer to stand jostling in long lines to get your fill of freshly stocked (& extremely stupid) trout, go to the Stony Creek in Norristown on Black Friday morning.  A little birdie told me there's going to be a stocking.  Actually, don't just chase the stocking up at the nursery at 8:30 and help the Stony Creek Anglers put 'em in the water...then they'll be even easier to catch because you'll know where they are!

Love thy neighbor.

Did you catch this?  The demolition project on the Philadelphia Spectrum finally started yesterday.  Yes, the place where Dr. J soared, Bobby Clarke smiled toothless grins, and elephants annually relieved themselves as the circus came through town.  It's a little sad; I feel like I grew up in the place - albeit sitting in the nosebleeds watching Michael Jordan & the Bulls dispatch Charles Barkley & the Sixers in the NBA playoffs year after year.

It's also kinda funny.  They couldn't blow the place up because of the subway & asbestos (mmmm...tasty) concerns, so they literally took the wrecking ball to it.  Or tried anyway.  Not quite as compelling as a huge explosion.  It makes for pretty anticlimactic footage...that...well...could only happen in Philadelphia.  Dr. J is still pretty cool though.

Time for a flagrant plug.  My wife's name is K.C., but her superhero name is "The Diaper Bag Wrangler" and she sews stuff really, really, really good.  She makes diaper bags (duh), changing pads, aprons for adults & kids amongst other things, and is having a huge sale on Friday as well.  

Just go to her website or Etsy store and use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY, you'll score 30% off and free shipping!  Better yet, tell your wife or girlfriend to go there.  Her stuff makes great gifts for kids or adults with kids, and it's inexpensive even before the discount.
Note:  I feel the need to pimp her sale because other than lifting $20s from my wallet, this is her only form of income.  Her success more than indirectly impacts how many presents I get under the X-Mas tree this year, and I've been a really good boy.

Time for the weekly blog love.  Who gets the big, wet, messy smooch from me this Christie's Reversed Parachutes.  Roy ties some serious flies, especially his signature fly.  Can you guess what it is - hint, read the blog's title one more time.  I think you can figure it out from there.

Roy's also got quite the resume.  It's so good I'll even forgive him for living across the pond.  How about reading this long list of credentials to make you feel inadequate.  Size doesn't matter, right? 
My designs have been published by the Fly Dressers Guild, Trout and Salmon, The Grayling Society, Trout Fisherman, Fly Tier, Fish and Fly, American Angler, Fly Fisherman, Total Flyfisher and in Australia's Freshwater Fishing. I have attended shows to demonstrate my techniques and designs - British Fly Fair International, Spring Fly Fair UK, Irish International Fly Fair and Loughs Agency in Ireland, Clearwater Junction in Roscoe US, CLA Game Fair UK, Umbria Fly Fishing Festival in Italy, Uppsala in Sweden and Sportfiskemassan and Flugfiskemassan also in Sweden. Some of my designs have been published in the following volumes - Tying Emergers by Schollmeyer and Leeson. Modern Midges by Rick Takahashi & Jerry Hubka. I had the honour of tying the commemorative files for the bicentennial of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson in 2005 for the Salmon and Trout Association.
Roy Christie's Reversed Parachute Emerger

Finally, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm draggin' this out of mothballs.  It's a year old and you may have already seen it, but it's still freakin' funny.

That's it outta me for today.  Enjoy your tryptophan-induced couch coma tomorrow.  Geaux Saints!


  1. Ok, I cheated and checked it out late Tuesday night. Freakin' hilarious.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mike!

  3. funny vid man!!!
    Black friday.... Yep thats where they'll be, Guess where I'll be?

  4. Those giblets not a fan of them, except the necks. I have a few cooking in some water with assorted veggies. They are really good.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Leave it to you to post turkey guts, combat fishing and one of your ladies' beautiful hand crafted works of art in the same post. They are going to revoke your blogging license, sir! ;)

    Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at(and reading) Troutrageous!

    OOOH, and also...

    GO FALCONS! ( No, this year we don't mean "go" as in to another city - we mean " GO!" as in "WIN IT ALL BABY!"

  6. My wife boils the giblets and then cuts them in small (really small) pieces and puts them in the gravy. Don't even know they are there. Great video. K.C. does nice work. Happy Thanksgiving.


  7. ...and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  8. Uh, dude, you got everything in this post but the kitchen sink. =)

    I had fun reading it.

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    The Average Joe Fisherman

  9. Giblets always get a rise in my household. Glad you guys all enjoyed my mismatched innards of a post!