November 17, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles - The Duke Sucks Edition

Stop MC Hammer Time
STOP...Nibble Time!

Let's kick off this week's installment by mentioning the International Fly Tying Symposium this weekend in Somerset, NJ.  All signs are pointing to my attendance on Saturday (no autographs, please) & I'm looking forward to checking out some folks that can really tie, and who knows...maybe take some mad scientist-like ideas (& supplies) back to my vise.

So if anyone out there is going, drop me a line.  I'm always open to putting real life faces to some of my blog buddies.  Especially if you're sporting a kick-ass handlebar mustache like this guy.
International Fly Tying Symposium

Non fishing subject, but did anybody notice that college basketball started sometime over the past week?  Don't worry, I missed it too - but I'm glad it's here.  I'm a hoop-head at heart with a mean 3 point set-shot.  I would have been deadly in the early 1950s NBA.

Anyway...saw this crazy video of trick shots from pre-season All-American Kyle Singler from Duke on YouTube.  I hate Duke, I hate Coach K, and Kyle certainly walks in the tradition of annoying Dookie ballers like Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, Wojo, & J.J. Redick.  That said, I can appreciate some trick shots, so check this out.

After all that Duke stuff, I think I need a bath.  Yuk.

I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to upgrade my 3-wt outfit at some point.  My flavor of the week might be a Redington Classic Trout rod with a Drift series click & pawl reel.  I like the idea of this rod; it's supposed to have a medium action (as opposed to fast) which is definitely appealing.  Another week will probably bring another rod to mind, but anybody have any experience with Redington & their gear?
Redington Classic Trout Rod

This is pretty f*cking cool.  Surfing whales in New Zealand.  Is everything cooler in NZ?  Clearly.  The pictures pretty much tell the tale...
Surfing Orca

Kinda reminds me of hitting the waves in Wildwood Crest, NJ back in the day with my foam Morey Boogie board...except the whales aren't wiping out, doing a faceplant, & getting a bathing suit full of sand.  Yeah, getting sand all up in your junk was always a pleasure.
Surfing Whale

Finally, figured I'd call out two new blogs to the bloated, ginormous, and eternally growing blogroll over there ----->

First up, Gary Thompson's Silk Lines & Paper Hulls.  In a sentence, it's about catching steelhead and blastin' birds.  To expand a bit - it's some really good stuff.  Fishing, hunting, other intermingled outdoorsy things.  Just go check it out and see what I mean.

Second, Flyfishing the Southern Blue Ridge.  This Owl Jones guy is so off-kilter, he makes me seem normal.  Good fishing, lots of humor, but check it out quick...the blog is having an identity crisis of sorts and might be moving soon...or not...
Owl Jones Fishing & Cookies
Owl Jones = Fishing & Cookies


  1. Off-kilter? Off-kilter? Why, thank you. Hey, you just use what God gave you, ya know? A huge thanks for the link and for being so brave as to put my ugly mug on your blog. ( By the way those cookies were really good and if I knew where to get some, I'd send you a batch.)


  2. I might have noticed that college basketball has officially started... I went to my first game of the year Monday night/Tuesday morning. It was awesome. #19 Memphis (my hometown, my alma mater) vs. Miami in the FedEx Forum tipped off at 11 PM ended at 1:30 AM... the first game of ESPN's 24 hrs of college hoops! My Tigers won... if you haven't heard much about them, you will. Oh, and Duke will have their hands full with Miami in the ACC, they were BIG!

  3. My first rod was a 4 piece redington red2fly 9 ft 5 wt. I have mixed feelings about the rod. It was affordable and performed well....when it wasnt broken. I broke it three times in about a year and a half. I will take responsibility for 1.5 to 2 of those breakages.

    The first breakage occurred after casting my two fly set up into a log jam. I tugged/set the hooks into the log jam and the upper piece broke.

    The second breakage occurred while I was walking through some willows. Walking with the rod tip behind me, the tip snagged on a branch. I noticed the snag too late and the upper piece broke again.

    The third breakage occurred as I tried to cast a streamer that I had no business throwing with a five-weight. The rod suffered extreme structural damage on the lowest section. After breaking it a third time, Redington sent me an entirely new rod - the updated version of the Red2Fly - the Pursuit.

    Looking back on those experiences they were most likely all my fault. When it hasnt been broken, the rod has performed well. Versatile and responsive, i was able to cast double nymph rigs, dry flies, and most streamers.

  4. Killer Whales need to have fun too. I added Owl Jones to my blog roll. I think a lot of good humor will come from there.


  5. @Shoreman -Thanks! I'll try not to disappoint, and I'm happy to return the add.


  6. @Owl - No problem, your blog is good and it's well deserved.

    @Jay - Memphis fan huh? Nice. Got nothing against those guys since that little scumbag Calipari left. Never liked that guy from his UMass days.

    @Ivan - Thanks for the feedback, that's the kind of stuff I'm looking for. Heck, if they sent you a whole new rod seems like at least the customer service is good.

    @Shoreman - Agreed. Orca deserve a tumble in the waves too.

  7. What do you think for that orca - a 15 wt. and an albacore?? (not an albacore fly - a whole albacore)

    Ah, Wildwood and Wildwood Crest - where everyone from SE PA goes to get sunburned

    gotta go check out Owl Jones with the last free minute of my life not being wasted on other blogs

  8. @Wolfy - Albacore would probably work, or baby seals...

  9. First off ***Go Blue Devils** Okay got that out of my system. Did ya think I was going to be rooting for CU?

    I love your Wednesday nibbles. Great idea!

  10. Im not a Duke fan but iv been watching them alot the past few years since Kyle has been playing for them. He played highschool ball for my town in Oregon. On the 27th Duke plays the Ducks at the rose garden in portland, Kyles brother EJ plays for oregon should be a good game!