November 23, 2010

This Bobbin is the Sh*t

Let's get this out of the way first.  I spent way too much on a new bobbin last weekend.  It's my own fault, I'm a sucker for infomercials.  See, if the GT Xpress lady was right in front of me like Faruk Ekich was on Saturday, I'd be assaulting my belly with endless "Cookizzas" right now.

Point is, Faruk makes one hell of a presentation...and honestly, one hell of a bobbin.

It's an automatic bobbin that provides a constant tension (if you want it to) and retracts thread for precision control.

The best way I can describe the feel is kind of like one of those "zingers" you attach nippers or a stream thermometer to, but retracts much more gently.  The best part is that it takes pretty much any brand & size of thread, and lets you use the factory spool.  You don't have to use special spools like you do with the Nor-Vise automatic bobbin.

I considered making a video to show you how it works, but there was already a great one on YouTube, and I could never recreate the excitement in its magnificently creepy monotone voice-over.

So, is this little marvel of engineering something that is absolutely necessary?  Probably not.  But once you get your hands on one you're not going to want to be without it.  Unless you got the munchies, then Cookizzas are clearly a much better option.

The Ekich Ultimate Bobbin featured in this product review was not provided at no cost by the manufacturer; in fact I paid *gulp* $100 for it last Saturday and am kind of pissed I didn't save at least half that money for pizza and/or beer.  At the time of writing, I currently hold no association with Faruk Ekich whatsoever - however if he wants to adopt me, I'd be willing.  (He made me write down my name & email address on an index card when I bought the bobbin, so I'm hopeful!)  As with all independent gear reviews at Troutrageous!, I try my best to keep my reviews honest and unbiased.


  1. One of my biggest aggrevations in tying is having to use the bobbin cradle to get the thread out of my way(I have big hands)to wrap things like wire or floss, or heck even hackle - and then having to "wind" the thread back onto the bobbin so I can continue on...I can pretty much do it with one hand, but it still takes me way too long to do so. I was all excited at the beginning of this article, but I gotta tell ya man - by the time I hit the end( you know, where the price is I was over it. I can totally understand falling in love with something like that though - I think most fly fishermen are also gadget junkies. That said, I've got a really cool bobbin threader that I can let you have for $80.



  2. holy sh...! $100 for a bobbin? ouch. I was toying with Marc Petitjean's new bobbin, but even that one is $50...

    I think I'll stick to the regular ceramic ones and get 5 or 6 for the same money.

    did it come with a money back guarantee or so?

    If not, I hope you'll be tying lots of flies this winter ;-))

    Tight Lines, K

  3. Ah hell - if you want it, and you like it, and you can afford it - buy it! You obviously love the bobbin - you can feel it in the writing. I seriously doubt that the choice you had was "Food for Lily or the Bobbin - what to do, what to do..."

    Think of it this way: you'll spend more time tying with your cool new bobbin, and less time at the Sly Fox. If you tie your way through the equivalent of 15 beers - it paid for itself!

    (Can you tell I've justified irrational purchases in the past???)

  4. It's funny, my job is a "buyer" in which I'm really tough on suppliers, etc...but in my real life, my self-control is non-existent.

    @Owl - That bobbin threader sounds nice, send me some info. I get paid on Friday :)

    @GFF - That's pretty slick, I also was considering the Merco Rite Mag Bobbin, which looks similar was similar. The problem is you can't do cool tricks like "around the world" or "walk the dog" with those bobbins...

    @Wolfy - Things are only irrational if you rationalize them in the first place. That's why I prefer not to :) Lilly's starving, but by choice - & that's only because we ran out of chicken nuggets last night and she refuses to eat anything else.

  5. Having begun tying in a time when we didn't have thread bobbins, material clips, thread arms and rotating vises were science fiction I can only say this looks pretty cool. As long as your winding thread and enjoying it... what the hell, you'd drop damn near that much on a movie and trip to Mc Donalds.....

  6. This might need to be a stocking stuffer this year. $100 doesn't buy much nowadays, but it sounds like it buys a pretty damn cool bobbin. For me the $100 bucks spent on this means Dustin will tie more, which means I will fish more, and that means he won't be out spending money on stupid non-fishing related things :) Sounds like a winner. Thanks for the review! -stephanie

  7. Hey Mike. Looks really cool. I can justify (or just not tell the wife) most things I buy, but I'd be hard pressed to spend $100 on a bobbin. Who knows, maybe buy one and just not tell her. Live dangerously.


  8. So its been a few years now and I did get this as a sticking stuffer. I LOVE it and use it all the time. Cant hardley tie with a regular one now. Hows it working for you?


    1. I'm in the same boat.
      The ease involved in using this bobbin definitely spoils you.