November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Tie

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you're all on the computer simply taking a "digestion break" after a day neck deep in turkey, trimmings, & football.

I've been working on a fly for a fly swap I'm participating in, and I think I've settled on a design. It's a tenkara-style fly (of course), but unlike most it's got a red beadhead and brass bottom. I'm calling it the "Tina Louise Kebari" after the actress that played Ginger on Gilligan's Island.

tina louise kebari tenkara fly

I'd like to try and see if it catches any fish should I happen to get out for an hour or two after work on Friday. If it does, it's gonna be my contribution to the swap. If not...screw it, it still might be anyway.

Mustad Size 14 Nymph Sproat Hook
Nymph Head 1/8" 3.2mm Bloodworm Red Brass Bead
Uni-Thread 6/0 Camel
Jack's Tackle Peacock Herl
Unidentified Saddle Hackle (Remnant of starter kit)
UTC Copper Ultra Wire


  1. You should have started tying along time ago! your wire looks great!

  2. That's one hell of a nice fly. I have one along the same theme as a brassie too, minus the red bead and I use partridge for hackle. It gets down quick in a fast current. The red bead is a nice addition, it should definitely bring a few strikes. Happy Turkey Day!

  3. Looks great! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. If your fly attracts trout like Tina Louise attracted men, you're going to have more fish than you know what to do with.


  5. Well done.
    Should be a fish taker.

  6. Good looking fly. I need to learn that fly fishing technique some time.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Thanks for all of the Thanksgiving wishes and kind words about the fly. I'm really enjoying tying...I just need to do more fishing!

  8. The fly looks great! I think it will be a keeper.

  9. Michael
    I think you got a winner there. I am still thinking about getting into tying.

  10. A ginger, eh? Well she looks like she will land quite a catch. Great photo! -stephanie