November 12, 2010

Tastes Like Chicken?

My inlaws live in Boca Raton. I've occasionally posted pictures of our family vacations to Florida to go visit them.

We all enjoy our trips south - Lilly especially loves visiting Mom Mom & G-Daddy...they have a pool at their house and live right along a canal, which has all kinds of fish, ducks, geese, even the occasional otters pop their heads up from the depths every now and then. It's like a petting zoo 24-7.

Heck, Lilly caught her first fish in their backyard, almost 2 years ago.

Well, we got word that they have a new neighbor in their backyard that they're probably going to need to do something about:
big ass boca raton gator

Perhaps we can arrange for the gang from "Swamp People" to pay a visit.
Something in me really likes the idea of that...


  1. Great video, I love it. Gators are what kept me out of the water the one trip I every made to Fla. No thanks...

  2. Was that a Mayan your daughter caught? whatever the fish, I bet that was a great experience for the two of you. I recommend gator tail and deep fried pickles...great combo! Is anyone else hearing a banjo playing all of a sudden? lol

  3. @Cofisher - I agree, as a northerner, I don't like gators one bit.

    @FF - Yup, that was a Mayan. That canal's got Mayans, Bluegill, LMB, catfish...there's even been a gar sighting.

    I'll have to try the gator & pickles. Sound's like the makings of one heck of a meal.

  4. Well, if you like green beans and can find them(or make them) you should try deep friend green beans, too. Just not too often or you end up looking like me and nobody wants that. :) ( Not even me!)