November 15, 2010

Leaf Fish - My New Favorite Species

The guys over at The Jersey Angler & Fly & Fin have both posted about how the autumn shrapnel leaves have complicated some of their recent fishing outings.  Well, let me tell ain't much different in Pennsylvania, as I encountered first hand yesterday.

leaf fish
Had a nice full stringer of these guys

Yeah, the leaves were numerous, but honestly I have no reason to complain.  The temps were in the low 60s (incredible for mid November) and it was a beautiful day.  Water levels were a touch low - we haven't had a good rain in a bit - and other than the leaves, the flows were running super clear so I expected nabbing a bunch of little wild brownies to be a little more difficult than usual heading in.

So what did I muster?  One brown...with a net shot & an out of focus "hero shot" (my own fault for using my camcorder to take the pics)...oh well, at least the video is passable.

wild brownie in measurenet
tenkara brown trout valley creek copper john

Here are a few other photos that try to illustrate that fishing count aside, how nice a day it was.

fall leaves blue sky
Rich blue sky, contrasts the colors of fall
low water levels in the fall
Water about a foot lower than optimal
shadowy angler
Who was that shadowy figure?


  1. Nice Fish! Nice leaf... looks like a spawner :)

  2. have to teach u to keep your shadow off water,and how to sneek,geez,thought we taught u better when at trout run

  3. Well done, fish to hand is always good..
    I didn't catch which one of the newly tied flies was hott.

  4. Love the spawning colors on the LeafFish!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  5. Sure a nice day alright. What I would give to have a (60)degree day again about now. I agree with John, those spawning leaf fish can be everywhere on the stream this time of the year.

  6. @John - Spawning like crazy.

    @Spurky - Shadow is on rocks, not water, but I hear ya.

    @Big - Hott fly - prince nymph. If 1 fish quantifies hotness.

    @Ryan - They are beautiful this time of year.

    @Mel - Rainy & dark!

  7. That leaf may be a spawner, but it looks to me like it's spawning days are over and done. I hope you ended up covering it with a nice glaze and grilling it until it was nice and crispy!


    PS - Thank you so much for the blogroll link!