November 20, 2010

In Enemy Territory

As a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan, it's very hard to compliment the Dallas Cowboys...other than their cheerleaders.  The Cowboys suck and deserve every profanity, snowball, & D-cell battery that has ever been thrown at them by fellow Eagles drunks fans.
Don't worry, Jimmy's hair didn't get messed up

That noted, one of the perks of my day job afforded me the opportunity to go on a behind the scenes tour of "The House That Jerry Built" this past Thursday.  Got to go in the locker room, some of the various suites, and of course stand on the turf and look up at the canyon walls of seating soaring up around me.
Cowboys Stadium
2-7, brought to you by Ford
Cowboys Stadium Big Screen Scoreboard
The Battle of Evil vs. Evil - The Cowboys vs. Brett Favre

In two words - F*#@in' Amazing!...and the pictures above certainly don't do it justice.  However now that I'm home, that should be the last compliment you ever expect to read about the Cowboys coming from this blog.

A somewhat complimentary post about the Cowboys & a Duke basketball player in the same week - what is wrong with me?

Want to know what's worse?  I'm heading up to the International Fly Tying Symposium in North(ish) Jersey later today...which means I'll be in the midst of New York Giants fans. Why do I torture myself like this?


  1. Being a Cowboy fan since my Army days in San Antonio. A sweet compliment from an Eagle fan is making my day.

  2. Being a Redskin fan, we can duke it out anytime. Oh wait, the Eagles kicked the Redskins butt last Monday. The shame of it.


  3. Nothing the cowboys ever did is worthy of a compliment. have a good time in NJ. Im not sure Id take your Eagles gear though.

  4. Well, you could be a Broncos fan. Nobody would shake your hand!

  5. Wait I you mean Eagle fans hated the Giant. I'm shocked...not really. The Fly Tying show is well worth the trip behind enemy lines.

  6. Michael
    Who knows you may get to like those Giants, not a bad team, by the way I pull for the Mannings ---why because I am an Ole Miss fan which I should not mention this year,but I will because I am still true blue to Eli ( Played for OM) and Archie ( Played for OM) and saw most all of his games and a lot of Eli's games, and now for the kicker--I have always been a Colt fan back in the days of Johnny U. and now who is that QB for the colts now???? I have been to a few of his games--so with all this info. go to Giants Country and get reborn. All of us football guys have our team or teams and I must admit I will pull for Philly over Dallas any day---Great Post!!

  7. This post sucks. Nothing good should be said about the Cowboys and anything Jerry has done. Well, you do have a point about the cheerleaders. But that is it!

  8. That "jumbo-tron" over the field is still WAY TOO MUCH in my opinion. As a Steeler fan I have a severe dislike of the Cowboys as well. Doesn't everybody though? lol

  9. Thanks for all the comments. Let me make this clear - DALLAS SUCKS, DALLAS SUCKS, DALLAS SUCKS.