I Totally Missed This...

Shame on me.  Some legit fishing news happens close to home and I totally missed it.

I hang my head especially low since it involves a 13 year old catching a record bass. Kids outfishing their fathers is always a huge hit on the web.  I mean what other than scantily clad women awkwardly gripping fishing rods do most fisherfolk smile at immediately when they see it?

So in the spirit of giving you what you want to see, albeit belated...no, not half naked women donning oversized floatation devices...here's a video and a link to an accompanying article about Juliana and her huge striped bass.  I especially like how NBC Philadelphia places this article in their "Weird News" section...what, is the Sports section too much of a stretch?

Way to go Juliana!

P.S. To all of my daily readers.  There may not be a post on Friday. As I mentioned in a post last week, I'll most likely be in Dallas as you're reading this, so unless I can figure out how to post something from my damn smartphone, Troutrageous! will look very much the same tomorrow as it does today...


  1. That is one hell of a nice striper! When I dream saltwater, that is the fish I see. Congrats to her.

  2. Great catch.

    I believe you were totally consumed with a case of "Duke-hatred" and missed the news

  3. I see a little friendly competition between siblings! "I'm just going to try to get another fish that's bigger next time." :)

  4. The smart phone has saved me on many a daily fly post. Nice to get a record close to home on the news. To most people out there, all us fishing obsessed anglers are all nuts. After all what sain person goes out in a bliding snow storm to stand in a river and chuck feathers at a fish........me.

  5. Wonderful catch.
    I hope everything is in proper order and she becomes the new world record holder!
    Way to go Juliana!


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