November 1, 2010

The Halloween Post

I enjoy Halloween quite a bit.  I enjoy it even more now that I get to live it through Lilly.  Unfortunately, Lilly developed a 101 degree fever on Saturday which put my her Sunday night trick or treating in jeopardy this year.
Lilly the Zebra
Lilly & Daddy before Trick or Treating

With a steady diet of Triaminic grape, Lilly's fever cooled down to 99 degrees around dinnertime, so we decided we'd let her do some abbreviated trick or treating, just around our neighborhood and maybe one or two of the "clusters" of houses in our condo community.  Other than the fever, she never displayed any other traits of being sick - sluggishness or pain - so it was a go.  Lilly & I were pounding pavement, K.C. was staying back at the house to distribute candy to the masses.
Lilly running out the door on a night of trick or treating
And we're off...
Lilly asking for a Kit Kat bar
Kit-Kat please
Zebra Lilly with a HUGE smile
Bucket o' candy

Lilly did great, but tired out pretty quickly.  I think we started a little after 6:00 and barely made it to 7:30.  Lilly scored 2 big bags of candy (including plenty of our favorite Kit-Kats) and helped give out candy back at the house until 8:00, when we thought it would be best for her to head to bed.  Her fever was back up to 101, she had a full day & needed her rest.

Now at the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, please allow a rant...  By 8:00, the big waves of kids had subsided, but we had a little bit of candy left so we left it on our doorstep in our Halloween-themed Disney bowl for any stragglers to take.  Lilly & I had noticed a lot of folks leaving candy in bowls on their doorsteps while trick or treating, so I didn't think anything of it.  

In the 15 minutes it took for me to read Lilly a book and tuck her in, the bastards kids took all of the candy (expected) AND TOOK THE BOWL (unexpected).  WTF!?!  I also know I'm going to spot that bowl either hanging from a branch up in a neighbor's tree or in the street shattered into 1,000 plastic pieces on my next morning commute.

I had always joked with K.C. that I had wanted to buy one of those trail cam things a lot of you hunting folks are so fond of to catch the dogs that cr@p on our front lawn in the act (or more so catch their owners don't pick up after them).  Now I think it's a necessity.  That and a high powered airsoft rifle...


  1. Looks like great fun with Lilly. Hope she gets the rest she needs and fights off the bug she has.

    Had to laugh at your rant, even though I would have felt the same way. Field camera to catch the dogs taking a crap! pretty funny :)

  2. Get well Lilly, the fishes are calling you.

  3. I hope she's feeling better Mike, and again that sure is a cute costume (on a cute kid).

    Kids today, and yesterday, and the day before...stealing the bowl too?....LOL

    Hope it wasn't a special bowl. I've used one of my mother's old bowls in the past for that and would have been real p'od if it got swiped.

  4. @Mel - I'm getting one of those trail cams...just waiting for the right sale.

    @Cofisher - She's on her way

    @Dennis - Not a special bowl, just a cool bowl. I'll get 'em.