October 27, 2010

Wednesday Nibbles

The Nibbles are back.  Think I'll make this a semi-regular thing.  So much stuff I want to write about, but not everything is really post worthy on its own.  Here's some more random stuff I've been accumulating over the last week or so.  I gotta purge, cuz I'm dangerously close to becoming a Hoarder.

Got an email from Mann's last week...  Who?  You know, Mann's Bait Company...
Uhhh...c'mon, you know who I mean.  Mann's = Old Skool bassin'!

The email was to announce the launch of their new website.  Not sure I ever visited the old one, but the new & improved Mann's works for me - plus if you really "like you some Mann's" they are doing that Facebook thing too.
Is the Indian Head logo politically correct?
Who cares, it's freakin' cool!

Speaking of freakin' cool, I've been familiar with the 'Eclectic Angler' for about a year now.  Mr. Hackney was one of the folks that was writing early things about his tenkara experiences, and well by now you know how I love that Japanese crap.

Anyway, the Eclectic Angler is probably better known for Reelsmithing.  Yeah, making your own fly reel.  Building your own fly rod is so 2009.  Get yourself one of these Eclectic Angler kits for about $60 and build your own 4-weight fly reel from scratch.  That'll put some hair on your chest.
From this...
...to this!

I wanted to be an astronaut as a kid so space travel still holds a special place in my heart (right next to another childhood love, my 6th grade Spanish teacher).  Scientists recently found water on the moon, so I'd like to think one day Oprah & I will be chucking bugs at the noses of lunar trout.

While that probably won't happen anytime soon, I am headed to Mars...and you can come with me...for free!  NASA is letting folks put their names on a microchip that will be placed in/on the Mars Space Rover which is headed to the Red Planet in 2011.  The best part, you get to print out a super rad certificate (suitable for hanging on your fridge).
So Pimp!

On the Fly Productions is dropping not one, but two new fly-tying DVDs on our heads, creatively named 'Flies That Catch Fish Volume One' and 'Flies That Catch Fish Volume Two.'  They claim to show you how to tie flies that will catch any trout in any fishing situation.  Did I mention they can all be tied in 3 minutes or less? Sh*t, sounds good to me.  It's also from same folks who brought us 'Once In A Full Moon,' so they gotta be good.
Looks gnatty to me...

Last but certainly not least, one of my favorite blogs is back from a recent hiatus.  As many of you know the Google account & blog of what was formerly known as "Midgeman's Fly Box" was attacked by some hackers of ill repute.  Scumbags.

After shutting down the blog for a few days, all of your favorite midge recipes are slowly but surely coming back and better than ever in a brand spankin' new place...Poudre Canyon Chronicles.  So if you haven't updated your blogroll or "followed" the new blog yet, stop reading my cyber-diarrhea and atone for your sins.  Now!
"Guess who's back...back again...
Midgeman's back...tell a friend..."


  1. When deer season winds down I really want to prepare myself for trout fishing and also get my new fly rod set up.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  2. Lunar Trout. That's an image I'm waiting to see. Can't imagine.


  3. Good looking fly...

    The Midgeman rules.

  4. Nice post...very creatively written. Great job!

  5. @Rick - Can't wait to see some more feathers & hooks on Whitetail Woods :)

    @Shoreman - Not sure what they'll look like, but I'm sure they'll like Powerbait.

    @Brk - No doubt. Midgeman rules.

    @Tami - Thanks for the compliment.

  6. T- when you get back from Mars give me a holler. Great post.