October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat?

Tied this Halloween inspired bugger up the other night.  Body is not the prettiest, but didn't have many options on hand for black. I think it will get the job done.

Plan on giving it a try Sunday morning on the denizens of the local creek I fished on Wednesday.  We'll see if they find it a trick...or treat.


  1. Might be a treat if it doesn't "spook" them away. :)

  2. Hey Mike. We should mix ingredients. I'm a little short on orange marabou, but have some good black Bugger Hackle. The Halloween Bugger. Waiting to hear if it worked.


  3. @Brk - You ain't kiddin'.

    @Mel - teehee

    @Shoreman - Yeah, my "starter kit" of materials from the spring is pretty well picked over at this point. Need to stock up on supplies for the winter.

  4. show me that fly in a fish's mouth on halloween and I'll, first sheet muy paints, then move you up the ladder of people who do wild stuff with fish and flies, Third I'll send you a box of 50 brand new tying hooks in a size 16.
    best of luck Mike.

  5. Ya, that's a pumkin-bugger. I think it will get the job done... especially this time of year.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  6. T I think you made my point in my post about my tying skills. The fish don't care if we are master tiers. I've no doubt that somewhere a fish will enjoy "trick or treat".

  7. Well, did it work? I tied up some pink ones form my step mom but I don't think she has ever caught anything on them.