October 15, 2010

A Sweet Deal...If The Shoe Fits

Being an angler, I like hanging out at Cabela's website quite a bit. And being cheap, I especially like frequenting the Cabela's Bargain Cave (their outlet).

I saw these Teva B-1 hiking shoes in the Bargain Cave the other night and...well...they got me by the credit card.

Note: I'm a sneaker whore, so this was not a difficult achievement.

Teva® B-1 Shoes

Cabela's is selling them for $29.99 (MSRP $100.00) - while other websites are nowhere close. Most are actually selling them anywhere from $55 to $99 - (King of internet shoe stores) Zappos included.

So will they actually fit when I get them?  Who knows.  Guess that's always a risk of buying footwear online.  But I thought I'd pass it along if anyone's looking for a new pair of light-duty hikers to take on your local trails this fall.

While this isn't technically a product review, I thought it would be worthwhile to note that Cabela's didn't prompt me to write this post in any way.  I simply observed them selling stuff cheap. As a matter of fact, they recently redesigned their site and I think it's very slow to load (comparatively) and makes shopping a bit of a hassle. While I usually enjoy shopping at Cabela's website, I also spend too much time at Bass Pro's site...and Gander Mountain's...and REI...and L.L. Bean...and...


  1. For 29 bucks, you can buy a couple pairs, throw one in the trunk, and when rock hopping a stream and get soaked, a nice dry pair awaits.

  2. Will have to check these puppies out~

  3. Vibram soles for $29...! Simms and others are you paying attention?

  4. Thanks, Michael, I am going to look at these also. Thanks for the tip to what looks like a great deal.

  5. I too spend a lot of time going through Cabela's and like to browse the cave, that is a very nice deal.

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  6. Thanks all. They shipped on Friday so I should get them this week. If they're good I'll mention it in a post (and probably buy another for a situation like Brk Trt brought up).