October 20, 2010

Some Wednesday Nibbles

I don't have anything of extreme substance to write today, so I thought I'd toss out some quick hits instead. Alone, they don't make up a full blog post, but combined, they harness the power of Voltron!

Those Teva hikers I picked up in the Cabela's Bargain Cave last weekend showed up at my doorstep yesterday.  Very comfy, but the Vibram rubber bottoms are a little squeaky on my hardwood floors.  Think that will probably wear off once I tread through mud (or dog poo - nobody in my neighborhood picks up after their dogs) for the first time.  BTW - they are still available.  Definitely the best pair of $29.99 shoes that I've ever bought.  The best pair of shoes I ever bought were my Walter Payton edition KangaROOS back in the mid-80s, but I digress...
Image Courtesy: Female Sneaker Fiend

I think everyone in this cult circle of bloggers (& beyond) now knows about the OBN.  Its growth over the last two days was radioactive in scope.  Heck, I even pimped it yesterday, as did most everyone else who wants to get their grubby hands on free stuff help spread some love to fellow bloggers.  OK Rebecca and Joe, cat's outta the bag, time to bring it.  Bring what exactly, I dunno, but we're all clearly drinking the Kool-Aid.

Rod Quest - Winter 2010 edition.  I've been on a hardcore tenkara kick for the last year or so.  It's almost completely replaced my 3-weight on smaller creeks and streams.  Well, no more.  I need some more diversity.  Not only do I vow to fish with a reel a little bit more this winter, but I'm probably in the market for a new 3-weight as well.  My L.L. Bean Quest II was a dandy starter model, but the gear monster in me is growling and wants an upgrade.  Open to any & all suggestions.
Image Courtesy: Lateral Line Media 

Lilly graduated from "Pike B" swimming classes at the Y this week and next session will be taking "Eel" classes.  That basically means she can swim all by herself now without the use of any floatation device.  Daddy loves you Lil.

Orvis redesigned their Safe Passage Sling Pack for 2011.  Click here to check it out (make sure to view the video).  Very interesting features, though I'm not digging the colors.  Something about them kinda whispers saltwater to me.  I'm probably just preconditioned to olive green & shades of tan.  I've already got my man purse fishing bag + an undying affection for Willy Joe packs, but it may be worth pulling the zippers on this bad boy the next time I'm in the land of dog beds & tweed.
Image Courtesy: Orvis

Finally, I noticed Troutrageous! recently went over 100 Google followers.  The fact that I've conned over 100 people into believing I'm a semi-competent angler worth their precious time to follow is amazing to me.  Then again 24 million people evidently participate in the stupidest thing ever created - Farmville on Facebook - so this blog still has a lot of room to grow.  Anyway, "thanks" are probably in order to all of you that follow this blog, but honestly, seeking mental help might be more appropriate.


  1. 101 Followers. Can you feel the love?


  2. 100? maybe it's the confluence of pop culture and fish.

    Speaking of, it's odd you share a voltron video today. Just yesterday, while cruising the "Farm and Garden" section of my local craigslist I found this:


    Not quite voltron, but just as awesome. At a cool grand, it's the bargin of the century. I'm sure you'll enjoy.

  3. Love the retro kicks Ags. Agreed, they are as sweet as Walter Payton's stride. He made it look so easy, brushing off defenders, and popularizing the use of headbands.

  4. Michael
    Thanks for making your blog one of the best on the net--I am not surprised at you reaching the 100 mark. By the way---how do iike the flies you oredered from Flydeals? I got an order in the other day and was really impresed with quality.

  5. @ Shoreman - I feel it. It's kind of warm and mushy.

    @Big - Thanks man.

    @Clif - A 14 foot tall Optimus Prime? Are you freakin' kidding me? That's American ingenuity if I've ever seen it.

    @Kris - Hey bud, long time no talk. Thanks for stoppin' by. Hope all's well with you & the fam.

    @Bill - Thanks for the compliment. Flies are good. That Copper John from my report the other day was a FlyDeals fly. If you don't mind waiting the couple weeks it takes to get them, it's a pretty good option.