October 31, 2010

Seeing If They Would Bite

Since I posted that orange & black bugger yesterday, felt compelled to go get it wet this morning.  This was a quick fishing trip, and the bugger did its job.  Here's a brief video of one of its victims.

Probably brought a mix of 5 or 6 rock bass and sunfish to hand before snagging (& losing) the bugger on a rock.  Had only tied one in orange, so switched it up and first fished a black bugger, then a generic blue & white streamer for a bit.  Brought another 15 or so to hand, but unfortunately not the nice mix from Wednesday.  More rock bass & sunfish.  The crappie and smallmouth didn't seem to want to play this morning.
Pennsylvania Sunfish on the fly with Albright Reel and L.L. Bean Fly Rod
Pennsylvania Rock Bass caught on Woolly Bugger
Pennsylvania Sunfish caught on blue streamer fly

Packed it up after that and headed home.  Should be an interesting Halloween night.  Lilly has been running a bit of a fever since yesterday, so we may only be doing some abbreviated trick or treating.  Luckily she feels okay and is acting normal, so I'm hoping it's just a 24-48 hour bug.


  1. Well, Michael, every picture tells a story. In this case it is your video! Sure enough, the Halloween Bugger worked very well. Nice work on the video. Question? How do you shoot the video, make the cast, hook and land the fish all at one time, and, do it well?

  2. Nice job with the bugger! Great feeling to catch fish with your own handmade lure/fly! I hope Lilly feels better soon!

  3. Still some nice catches - those longears are pretty cool, we don't see many of them around here.

    Hope Lilly comes around quick!

    Tack care -

  4. Has the hat-cam made a come back? I still need to make one.

  5. @Brk - Thanks man, coming from you, that means a lot.

    @Mel - MacGuyvered HatCam. Stuck a bolt through the brim of a baseball cap, screwed the camera on the other side and shot away. Did a post about it a while back, but haven't broken it out in a long time.

    @BJK & Casey - Thanks guys; Lilly rallied too, but we kept it short.

    @Clif - You know it brotha.

  6. what i really enjoyed most about the post was the simplicity if it. Makes me think back to my early fly fishing expeditions as a youngster. I will say all my dreams of fly fishing were not made in the salt, but it was the local pond and the sunnies that made it all happen for me. thanks.

  7. Seems like there is some kind of bug going around. Talked to my Brother tonight and both he and his wife are down with the same kind of thing Lilly has. I'm off to the fly store for orange marabou.


  8. @Savage - Thanks. And feel free to stop by the blog anytime.

    @Shoreman - Stock up on orange now...it's gonna be a hot seller.

  9. That's great to see the Halloween bugger work. Thanks for sharing.