October 24, 2010

Pumpkins and a Corn Maize...uh Maze....uh...

Quickie post. K.C., Lilly, & I got our "Autumn On" on Saturday.

Typically we head out to a popular spot in Delaware County to do the annual pumpkin/hayride thing, but this year we decided to venture a bit and went to Mast Farms in Morgantown, PA.

Mast Farms isn't a huge operation, but what they do have is a gigantic corn maze. I had never done one quite this big before, and it was a good time. Good thing K.C. was navigating though, if the map was in my hands we might still be in the maze right now!
Mast Maze from above - image lifted from their website
The "Warm Up" Maze
Heading in...
"I Said This Way Daddy!"
Queen of the Mountain
Always in motion...


  1. Hey, Michael, I had the same experience out my way a couple of weeks ago. I felt the same way in the end. Glad someone found their way out and I was lucky enough to follow them. Lilly looks like she had a great time of it.

  2. It sure looks like Lilly had a lot of fun! That maze shot is awesome!

  3. I like the John Deere logo!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. @ Mel & BJK - Lilly did have a great time!

    @ Ryan - It was pretty cool, shame I couldn't appreciate it from ground level.