October 3, 2010

My New Favorite Store - If My Name Was John Rambo

No fishing going on this weekend, again.

This time in Vegas; kinda being a wedding crasher. One of my wife's friend's friend is getting married.  I think my wife is friendly with the bride, but I've certainly never met anyone in the wedding party.

Me?  Just trying to behave myself - but between all the booze, gambling, skin (you know what I mean), and THIS...there are so many bad influences out here...

Please say a prayer for my safe return.


  1. I love going to Vegas, but watch out for those weasels passing out the flyers on the street corners.

  2. They don't call it Sin City for nothing. Last time I was in Vegas was, this is going to be scary, was 1969.


  3. Stay healthy and safe, Michael. Vegas ain't my cup of tea.

  4. Mike - you should go there - the Gun Store is AWESOME. Very few places around where you can rent and shoot full auto stuff. It's a hoot!

  5. Dude if you're still there follow Wolfys lead and get in that place...life experience if nothin else (thumbs up)