October 16, 2010

Is Oprah an Invasive Species?

The fly fishing community was abuzz yesterday as several news outlets (TMZ, F&S, Chum) picked up these photos of Oprah Winfrey fly fishing. She's evidently doing some sort of "Themla & Louise" thing out west with her minion galpal Gayle for a show airing later this month.

Most of the commentary was sarcastic in nature (albeit good humored), but I'm going to zig where others zagged and say "You go Oprah!"

 Beyonce in waders she's not, but I sure bet she tosses a sexy loop anyway.

The Fine Print:
Hey Oprah, or more likely the folks at Harpo, Inc. monitoring the web for content written about you...if you enjoyed your day on the water, please consider making a generous donation to Trout Unlimited or some other conservation-minded organization to keep these fishing opportunities available for generations to come.  Our waterways across the country are under serious pressures - pollution, overdevelopment, natural resource exploitation, invasive species, just to name a few - and are in serious jeopardy.  A tiny sliver of your Bajillion Dollar Empire put in the right place would do Mother Nature (aka the other most powerful woman on Earth) some serious good. Thank you. 


  1. Yea she has a house up here In the town Of Teluride, I know she likes to ski and gets out for a fly fishing trip now and then... Oh I heard she has a little money too..

  2. I hope Catch and Release is being used.

  3. Didn't think I'd ever see that. I like the fine print though.

  4. LOL ~ I saw the title on your community news and had to get over here pronto to see what could possibly prompt you to write about Oprah!
    For the first time, in many (many) years, I might be tempted to watch the Oprah show to see her in Fly Fishing action. Loved the disclaimer for the Harpo spies at the bottom. Classic~

  5. Glad you guys found the humor in this. It's very dangerous to cross "O".

  6. When I was a young feller, I remember hearing about a movie called "The Story of O." I don't think it was about her, though I couldn't say, since I never saw it.

  7. haha I saw this on one of the gossip sites and wondered if any of you fly angling purists would get fired up about it! I was personally wondering if they had stocked that reach prior to her arrival.

    And I WILL say that her fly angling adventure seemed to go a little smoother than Johnny Knoxville's pumpkin carving meltdown on Martha Stewart.

    Why do I know these things?

    Great question.

  8. @ Gorges - I googled that movie. Oh my. Hope I can pick up a copy on Blu Ray.

    @ST - Random pop culture is good. Perhaps I'll bump into you at a screening of Jackass 3D this weekend...