October 26, 2010

If This Was Twitter...

...I guess this would be considered a Retweet.  Since I know my readers are into free stuff (who isn't), figured I'd give all you guys the skinny on two contests, assuming you haven't already read and entered them yourself.

But then again, don't bother entering, cuz I'm gonna win them anyway.

Troutrageous! blogbuddy HeyBJK wrote up a great review of a pair of Magnum Work Horse 6.0 Boots and is also holding a giveaway for a FREE pair!.  Contest runs between now and November 1st.

And then Rick at Whitetail Woods called out a contest yesterday that he saw over at Life on a Southern Farm for a very interesting looking automatic dog feeder.  All I know is if I got this for my dog Caesar, he'd find a way to break inside and eat, and eat, and eat, and eat.  He's a pug...that's fat...and lives for food.


  1. That's one fine looking specimen of a Pug ya got there.

  2. Don't tease Caesar...
    give him a biscuit!

  3. He looks kinda sad. I think you should give him a biscuit.

  4. @ FHC - No problem

    @ Sowbug, RD, & Bill - Yeah, he gets his fair share of biscuits...as well as any food Lilly drops on the floor.

  5. Little fella looks kinda hungry :)

  6. @Rick - No prob.

    @Dennis - He always looks hungry. That's why he's 30lbs.