October 21, 2010

Happily Stooping to New Lows...

In the time honored tradition of posting T&A to gain clicks, I'm tossing up this picture I found yesterday on the homepage of the Little Lehigh Fly Shop's website.

Image Courtesy: Attractions

I've never visited the Little Lehigh Fly Shop, nor have I ever fished the Little Lehigh Creek, but come to think of it, Allentown really isn't that far away...


  1. I have fished the Little Lehigh, and have visited the Little Lehigh Fly Shop.

    She was NOT there when I visited.

    I don't know why anyone would care , but small - 18,20 - black ants worked well for me on the Little Lehigh

  2. How come I never see anything like that when I'm visiting a fly shop?


  3. There was nothing like this around Penns Creek during our spring visit this year. Next year it's definitely the Little Lehigh.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Michael
    Is she one of the guides on the Little Lehigh???

  5. Mike - You can keep posting like this.

  6. The things I have missed since being away from the fly fishing scene. Thanks, Michael, for getting me all stirred up about .................!

  7. I aggree that sign is supper fancy~~!

  8. @Joe, Cofisher, Shoreman, Mel, & Big - Anything to get the juices flowin'guys. That's some woodworking going on.

    @Wolfy - I'm sure she was there, you were just using the wrong flies.

    @PTO - Let me know when we're meeting

    @Bill - Not sure. Looked her over pretty well and didn't see a fishing license.

    @Casey - No problem.

  9. I see Rod is employing some aggressive marketing.

  10. How come I never come across someone like that while fishing? Then again, my wife probably wouldn't let me fish anymore.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  11. Holey Moley I almost crashed my computer type'n and stare'n at that pic :)