October 1, 2010

Albright Oktoberfest

I don't typically highlight sales in the "Deals N' Offers" posts on this blog, but Albright's Oktoberfest is always worth mentioning, especially considering the size of the discounts.

Albright is generally value-priced product to start with, but when you take 40% to 80% of the retails, you can get some of this stuff cheap.

I own a three Albright products.  Two I really like; a 5-wt GP fly rod & a 3/4-wt click & pawl reel (I don't believe they make the reel anymore).  The Bugatti reel (which is also no longer made), I don't particularly care for as I've been spoiled by a Lamson Konic.

I will attest that they are pretty good performing products for their price points.  There's actually a few GP rods left for only $44.99!  No, that's not a typo.  They might not replace your Sage, Orvis, or whatever...but as a backup, travel option, or a way to outfit someone just starting out, they are worth checking out.

Other than being a consumer, I have no business relationship with Albright Fly Fishing.  That said Albright folks, if you're out there reading this, and want to send one of those new 3-wt A5s my way, I'm not going to complain...


  1. 45.00 for a fly rod. Hard to beat.
    Your right on about the back up, I always carry one.