September 28, 2010

Who Ever Said Outdoorsfolk Aren't Fashionistas?

Read an interesting article on the Wall Street Journal website yesterday.  Ok, maybe I didn't read the entire thing, but in my opinion skimming a few paragraphs and looking at the pictures qualifies something as "read" in today's age of electronic information overload.

Seems that many designers are borrowing liberally from the outdoors set for the latest in high fashion. That's a relief to me considering my new favorite fly fishing bag could basically be considered a "man purse."
Photo Courtesy: Michael Bastian/

So that's right everyone, ditch those skinny jeans and break out your red & black flannel shirts (aka Pennsylvania Tuxedos) and your old pair of Irish Setter boots.  Maybe even accessorize your ensemble with a fly fishing lanyard or coonskin cap - and wear them proudly.
"I'm too sexy for my hat"

Wear them to work, a fancy restaurant, wherever & whenever - because guess what my friends, you're now cutting edge.  That $2,000 Armani suit in your closet is so last year.  Cabela's is where it's at.

Read the entire article at The Wall Street Journal Online:


  1. you're sort of scaring me, Mike

  2. C'mon Wolfy, who wouldn't proudly wear a dead animal on their noggin?

    Ok, admitted lack of fishing also creates chemical imbalances in my brain.

  3. Wow, so does that mean I fit in now and don't have to feel like everyone is staring at me.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Blackpowder Shooting

  4. Nice pictures, can you paraphrase the rest?

  5. Rick - People will still stare at you, don't worry. That's what happens to ruggedly handsome guys like you and me.

  6. Clif - HA! You picked up on that comment, nice.

    It's one of the reasons why (with the exception of product reviews), the majority of my posts are only a few paragraphs at most. Photos make great filler.

    Proud member of the attention-deficit disorder MTV generation here.

  7. dude, that is incredibly gay. the only pennsylvanian who would wear that nonsense outdoors would be bam margera.

  8. Swamp - Had to laugh at your comment, especially the Bam reference. He'd wear that and then get beat up by a 59-year old woman...oh wait, that already happened!