September 1, 2010

Where I Get My Water, Part 2

Yesterday I made a brief post about a watershed conservation pamphlet I received with my water bill.  I also made a lighthearted comment about not knowing where my water comes from, or really who my water company was.
Well guess what...they contacted me to introduce themselves.
We really appreciate your posting and comments about the "Protecting Our Watersheds" insert, and like you, hope more people read the material before quickly tossing it in the trash. You might be interested to know that your drinking water comes from several sources: the Schuylkill River and three groundwater wells. For more background, I'm atttaching the link to your system's Water Quality Report from PA American Water's Web site. (
Sorry to hear that you don't know more about our company, beyond getting a monthly water bill. For example, we sponsor an annual "Protect Our Watersheds" Art Contest for fifth-graders across the state, and Spring-Ford Intermediate School students have earned the top prize for three consecutive years. (See link) In addition, our Environmental Grant Program has supported a number of watershed protection/improvement projects in SE PA, including a kids' education program by Audobon Pennsylvania (based at Mill Grove) this fall with the Norristown Area School District.  (See link)
Thanks again for the mention, and we hope you'll follow us on Twitter (@paamwater) for news, updates and activities from PA American Water.
Huh, how you like that?  Some pretty cool stuff going on there.  Glad I wrote that post yesterday after all.

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