September 17, 2010

Non-Fishing Post: It's Been A Loooong Week.

Remember, a red headband & bandana never go out of style...enjoy.


  1. I get and agree w/the message...but just the title of that band alone makes me not click the video, LOL

    Have a great weekend bud ;)

  2. HA! Very funny - just pretend it says Iron Maiden. Loverboy is definitely not a band I'd be rockin' a "concert tee" from.

  3. Maybe in the 2 minutes when they were relevant. But not now - Mike Reno (singer) was on some "Where are they now" thing - probably on VH1 Classics - and he has NOT aged well.

    (Speaking, of course, as one who HAS aged well) I can'teven WRITE that with a straight face!