September 29, 2010

New(er) Entries to the Blogroll

Overdue as always, but figured it was time to highlight some blogs in my everchanging blogroll.  The last time I singled out some blogs was when I first joined Twitter and met a bunch of new folks.  While I participate, I still don't "get" Twitter.  Regardless, my blogroll tends to expand and contract over time - but mainly expand - simply because there's so much good content out there to read.

So without further ado...
If you're from Philly like me, you know a hoagie is nothing without a good roll.
Image Courtesy: Sonny's Italian Deli

Wind Knots & Tangled Line - A really well done blog from "Cofisher" out in Colorado.  There's some really nice fishing reports and lots of posts about vintage equipment and advertising - much taken from his Wright & McGill catalog collection.  He's also a big fan of fiberglass fly rods - which is never a bad thing.

The Sowbug - Because "fish like bacon too"...  Ok, I highlighted a video from The Sowbug about a month ago, and from the 1-Star rating (by two people), I guess it didn't go over too well with you all.  Don't let that deter you from checking this blog out.  It's well above average with particularly solid photography.

Arizona Wanderings - While posting is not overly frequent, what you will find in each post is some TLC.  The saying "quality over quantity" holds true here.  Everything is well written with lots of small stream trout fish porn.  Well...maybe not porn, but some really beautiful fish.  Oh yeah, there's a little hunting too if you're so inclined.

the adventure life - This blog isn't exactly one of a blog buddy, but if you like the outdoors you should check it out.  My favorite recurring post is "The Daily Bike," highlighting something cool from cycling culture, typically a bike...duh.

Quick backstory: In a previous life I was a cycling buyer for a nice sized retailer, so I have a soft spot for bikes.  Did the whole Interbike trade show thing several times, just wish I had a nicer ride myself.

Even if bikes aren't your thing, there's plenty of outdoorsy stuff - think more camping/hiking than hunting/fishing - another fav being an essay on building forts.  Too sweet.

Fungal Threads - Everyone's favorite blogging nomad Casey has packed up and is on the move again.  Formerly known as Wandering Owl on Blogger, then Wandering Owl on Wordpress, then a shift to The Countryside Round - and probably a few others I missed - this is the latest Blogger destination for your daily dose of hobbit references & Iowa outdoor observations.  For this week anyway...  (Hope you know I only kid because I'm a big fan Casey!)

So that wraps up the latest installment of "As the Blogroll Turns," hope you check at least some of these out and enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Well, I have to admit that I'm hooked on Troutrageous. Nicely done. Thanks also for the shout out to your fans.

    cofisher (Howard)

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate you throwing my blog up there. Thanks again.


  3. PERFECT - you start off by luring me in with the hoagie photo (of course, there are NO good hoagies or cheesesteaks out here)

    Then you show me a bunch of new (to me) great blogs. Oh well - I diddn't really want to get anything done today anyway.


  4. These are great additions! Thank you so much for posting them. I am checking these out now.

  5. Kinda a new at this and so far it's been a riot to work on and a great opportunity to meet lots of new people. Really appreciate the head nod.


  6. Dude...I AM pathetic!!! Gosh I hope I've found a home....

    Thanks for the other links. I'll check them out. And thanks for the mention.

    Take care -