September 11, 2010

Looking Back, Looking Forward

My Grandparents' generation had Pearl Harbor.  My generation had the attacks of 9/11.  While we should never forget the display of heroism & devastating loss of American lives on those days, I wish my daughter's generation never has a similar point of reference of their own.


  1. I agree with on that. With all possible luck our kids will not have to experience what we have.

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  2. I believe 9/11/01 to be the greatest attack onthe U.S., more so than Peral Harbor. Pearl Harbor was a military target, those people that gave up their lives in NY, Washington, and PA. were civilians murdered on American soil.

    I pray my grandchildren never witness such violence.

  3. 'Nuff said folks, now let us all pray!

  4. I will never forget that day as long as I live. I was heading to a teacher's meeting and it was canceled because everyone was so uspet over what had happened. I hope and pray that it never happens again. So many indivduals lost their lives that day through a senseless act of hated towards the U.S. Thanks for the post.