September 23, 2010

The Lake Erie Oil Spill of 2015

There's some interesting political propaganda being circulated in PA about a fictional future Lake Erie oil spill that is evidently bound to happen if Pat Toomey is elected as a Pennsylvania Senator. I guess I won't have to purchase a Lake Erie permit stamp with my 2015 fishing license...

I try to keep educated on the political scene, but I honestly don't know much about Pat Toomey (or his opponent Joe Sestak), good or bad. Don't take this post as pro or anti Toomey, I've just always found political advertising propaganda very amusing - in an extremist sort of way - so I offer this as nothing more than entertainment, albeit in a somewhat tacky form.

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  1. Hi Mike. Just so you know I'm here. Two things I don't comment on is politics and religion. So, from me, mum's the word.