September 21, 2010

Kudos to TenkaraBum

Today's short post is to simply highlight a nice online purchasing experience.  I'm one of those people who like to give compliments when they are deserved, as in this case.  

As I mentioned in a prior post, I've been experimenting with different lines for my tenkara rods.  Since I purchased my rods, I've been exclusively a furled line guy, but wanted to take the leap into level lines.  I recently purchased some level line from Chris the "TenkaraBum" and couldn't be happier with my purchase & experience.  
Visit the TenkaraBum website HERE

I ordered a small amount of level line from him, however not only did I get that spool of line, but he was also thoughtful enough to include some small zipper-close bags to store my individual lines when I cut them to length, a "tip grip" (used to help close a stuck tenkara rod), a tenkara fly, as well as a nice handwritten letter.  I'm sure those extras didn't cost him much in terms of actual dollars and cents, however even the simplest things help make a very good first impression.

A lot of what is bought today online comes through a very impersonal process, just wanted to tip my cap to someone who is doing it right. 


  1. Always good to let people know they're doing things the right way! I'm pretty quick to tear someone apart if I don't get the service I feel I deserve, but, like you, try to applaud great service by telling people and returning to do more business.

  2. I second this experience. When I started getting interested in Tenkara, I had a lengthy email exchange with Chris leading to me buying my first rod, and Iwana 12ft. I then also purchased both hi-vis fc level lines from him which also came with a nice hand written note, tip-grip and a "stewart" spyder. He went way beyond what's nowadays expected or usual and this is mainly due for his extreme passion for Tenkara.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. I ordered a hi vis hand tied tapered line from him last Friday, and in Tuesday's mail I got the line, a tip grip, an Ishigaki kebari, and a hand written note. He gets all my line business from now on. Good job giving him public credit.