September 24, 2010

If You Build It, He Will Come?

On a little bit of an oil spill kick this week.  Sorry if this isn't the most entertaining of topics...I'm sure there's some sort of chemical dispersant BP can sell you to make me least on the surface.

Anyhow, couldn't pass up a post on this interesting article.  Evidently Kevin Costner (yes, that Kevin Costner) wants to help save our oil-soaked oceans & coastlines.  No, not with some sort of Hollywood based fund-raising telethon, but rather pitching an emergency oil spill plan to Congress starring his army of centrifugal oil-water separator machines - ok - say those last five words 10 times fast.
"Yes, Waterworld sucked, but I made freakin' Dances with Wolves dammit!"

Interesting stuff, here's a link to a Yahoo/AFP article on Kevin pitching in Congress' cornfield.

Tongue removed from cheek, I do hope at minimum he's got some good science behind him to raise enough eyebrows so that when this happens again, all parties involved will be a bit more prepared.

Some also other oily stuff going on worth mentioning...

This month's National Geographic magazine was dedicated almost entirely to the Gulf Oil Spill.  If you're not a subscriber, pick up a copy, it's worth the read.

Also, don't think BP is going to fulfill their promise of making everything right by those affected in the Gulf in financial terms?  Perhaps think about picking up one of these R3 tees from Bugslinger.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to impacted fly guides in Louisiana.

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  1. From what I remember reading a few months ago when the gulf spill was still fresh, he and his brother formed this company after the whole Alaskan Exon spill. I think his bro is an engineer of some sort. I guess it works just odd to be coming from him but then again why not.